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Corporate Affiliates Program

Introduction to the Department

The Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAAM) is a part of the Brown School of Engineering at Rice University. From its beginnings in the 1960s, the department has emphasized outward-directed research activities. Our faculty work closely with private-sector scientists and engineers in consulting, sponsored research, and consortia. Over 60% of our PhDs are currently working in the private sector or in government laboratories.

CAAM faculty and graduate students apply modern mathematics and high performance computing to today's pressing scientific and technological problems. Current research areas include engineering optimization, integer and combinatorial optimization, impedance tomography, computational geophysics, design of materials, biomathematics, and optimal control.

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Introduction to Affiliates Program

Making connections with industry is the goal of the CAAM affiliates program. Our research generates new mathematical and computational technology. The affiliates program facilitates technology transfer through sponsored research, consulting, and student internships. Industrial scientists and engineers, in turn, provide inspiration for new research projects, PhD thesis topics, and curriculum reform.

Privileges of Membership

Faculty Liaison
A CAAM faculty member will be designated as contact for each affiliate.
Annual Affiliates Meeting
This meeting provides an opportunity to become more familiar with us and with our activities. Included are plenary lectures by leading faculty, breakout sessions featuring the work of various CAAM research groups, and a social program.
Affiliates are invited to send two attendees to the annual meeting. Attendees are encouraged to share nonproprietary problems with faculty and graduate students during the breakout sessions.
Campus Visits
Affiliates are invited to visit the campus during the year to discuss topics of mutual interest and to learn about the latest CAAM research findings.
Technical Reports
Affiliates will be notified when new technical reports are available. These technical reports provide research results many months before the information becomes available in published journals.
Introduction to Students
Affiliates will have access to resumes of graduating students and prospective student interns.
Faculty Visits
Affiliates may request that a CAAM faculty member visit the company's facility to discuss current research projects or to present a seminar of interest to company employees.

Becoming a Member

Annual memberships are $4000, with a reduced rate of $2000 available for small companies or those in operation for five or fewer years. Sponsors of CAAM research projects may become CAAM affiliates for an additional payment of $1000. Discounts are available for members of other affiliates programs in the Brown School of Engineering.

To become a member of our corporate affiliates program, contact us at caam_dept@rice.edu.

To discuss sponsoring an individual research project, contact a CAAM faculty member.

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