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Doctoral Degree Recipients

Doctoral Degrees in Computational and Applied Mathematics: (All)

Year Name Advisor(s) Thesis Employment
2017 Becker, Timothy Joseph Illya V. Hicks Bilevel Clique Interdiction and Related Problems Goodman Manufacturing
System Analyst
2017 Bencomo, Mario J. William W. Symes Representation and Estimation of Seismic Sources via Multipoles Brown University
2017 Deng, Xiaodi Matthias Heinkenschloss A Parallel-In-Time Gradient-Type Method For Optimal Control Problems Quantlab
Research Scientist
2017 Fast, Caleb C. Illya V. Hicks Novel Techniques for the Zero-Forcing and p-Median Graph Location Problems FedEX Express
Research Analyst
2017 Magruder, Caleb Matthias Heinkenschloss Projection-Based Model Reduction in the Context of Optimization with Implicit PDE Constraints Tufts University
Assistant Professor
2017 Puelz, Charles Beatrice Riviere Numerical Methods and Applications For Reduced Models of Blood Flow University of North Carolina
2017 Vargas, Arturo Adrianna Gillman & Tim Warburton Hermite Methods for the Simulation of Wave Propagation Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Scientific Software Developer
2017 Wang, Zheng Adrianna Gillman & Tim Warburton GPU-Accelerated Discontinuous Galerkin Methods on Hybrid Meshes: Applications in Seismic Imaging Google
Software Engineer
2017 Zhou, Muhong William W. Symes Energy-Conserving Composite Staggered Grid Finite-Difference Time-Domain Scheme for First Order Wave Equation Systems Numerical Algorithms Group
HPC Application Engineer
2016 Gandham, Rajesh Tim Warburton High Performance High-Order Numerical Methods: Applications in Ocean Modeling Stoneridge Technology
2016 Huang, Yin William W. Symes Born Waveform Inversion in Shot Coordinate Domain Amazon
2016 Medina, David Sebastian Tim Warburton OKL: A Unified Language for Parallel Architectures TWO Signma
2016 Whaley, Meagan Steven J. Cox Dynamics of Brain Networks During Reading YES Prep
2016 Wood, Cynthia Ivette Illya V. Hicks Clique Generalizations and Related Problems Skvy
2015 Arellano, John David Illya V. Hicks Algorithms to Find the Girth and Cogirth of a Linear Matroid Integrated Medical Model Modeler
2015 Atcheson, Thomas Reid Tim Warburton Accelarated Plane-Wave Discontinuous Galerkin for Heterogenous Scattering Problems Numerical Algorithms Group
2015 Castanon, Jorge Alberto Yin Zhang A Spectrum-based Regularization Approach to Linear Inverse Problems: Models, Learned Parameters and Algorithms IBM
2015 Deng, Wei Wotao Yin Generalizations of the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Large-Scale and Distributed Optimization Oracle
2015 Li, Jizhou Beatrice Riviere High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Simulating Miscible Displacement Process in Porous Media with a Focus on Minimal Regularity Exxon Mobil
2015 Wang, Yingpei Liliana Borcea & Beatrice Riviere On the Approximation of the Dirichlet to Neumann Map for High Contrast Two Phase Composites and its Applications to Domain Decomposition Methods Google
2015 Xu, Yang Yang Wotao Yin Block Coordinate Update Method in Tensor Optimization University of Alabama
2015 Yang, Xin Beatrice Riviere Simulation of CO2 Sequestration in Saline Aquifers Using Discontinuous Galerkin Method Google
2014 Acosta Valenzuela, Sebastian Ignacio Liliana Borcea & Beatrice Riviere Inverse Source Problems for Time-Dependent Radiative Transport Baylor College of Medicine
Pediatric Research Associate
2014 Du, Bosen Danny C. Sorensen & Steven J. Cox Adaptive Reduction of Large Spiking Neurons BP America
Computational Scientist
2014 Hokanson, Jeffrey Mattson Mark Embree & Steven J. Cox Numerically Stable and Statically Efficient Algorithms for Large Scale Exponential Fitting Colorado School of Mines
2013 Liu, Kun Beatrice Riviere Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Parabolic Partial Differential Equations with Random Input Data Quantum Reservoir Impact, Analyst
Innovation Group
2013 Sun, Dong William W. Symes A Nonlinear Differential Semblance Algorithm for Waveform Inversion Schlumberger
2013 Wang, Xin William W. Symes Transfer-of-Aproximation Approaches for Subgrid Modeling BP
Computational Scientist
2012 Binford, Tommy Lallas William W. Symes Application of Harmonic Coordindates to 2D Interface Problems on Regular Grid Weatherford International
2012 Carden, Russell L. Mark Embree Ritz Values and Arnoldi Convergence for Non-Hermitian Matrices University of Kentucky
Assistant Professor
2012 Chaturantabut, Saifon Danny C. Sorensen Nonlinear Model Reduction via Discrete Empirical Interpolation Virginia Tech
Patricia Ann Caldwell Post-Doctoral Fellow
2012 Hedrick, Kathryn Ruth Steven J. Cox The Neural Computations in Spatial Memory From Single Cells to Networks John Hopkins University
2012 Kouri, Drew Matthias Heinkenschloss An Approach for the Adaptive Solution of Optimization Problems Governed by Partial Differential Equations with Uncertain Coefficients Argonne National Laboratory
Wilkinson Fellow
2012 Li, Chengbo Yin Zhang Compressive Sensing for 3D Data Processing Tasks: Applications, Models, and Algorithms Conoco Phillips
Research Geophysicist
2011 Chidyagwai, Prince Beatrice Riviere Coupling Surface Flow with Porous Media Flow Temple University
Research Assistant Professor
2011 Enriquez, Marco William W. Symes The Effects of Coupling Adaptive Time-Stepping and Adjoint-State Methods for Optimal Control Problems Mitre Corporation
Sr. Systems Engineer
2011 Mamonov, Alexander Liliana Borcea Resistor Networks and Optimal Grids for the Numerical Solution of Electrical Impedance Tomography with Partial Boundary Measurements University of Texas, Austin
Postdoctoral Fellow
2011 Namour, Rami William W. Symes Approximate Multi-Parameter Inverse Scattering Using Pseudodifferential Scaling TOTAL
Research Geophysicist
2011 Raol, Jay Harendra Steven J. Cox Recovery of Neuronal Channel Densities from Calcium Fluorescence IVENSCO
Portfolio Analyst
2010 Cesmelioglu, Aycil Beatrice Riviere Complex Flow and Transport Phenomena in Porous Media Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)
2010 Hardesty, Sean Matthias Heinkenschloss Optimization of Shell Structure Acoustics Z-Terra Inc.
Scientific Developer
2010 Issa, Leila Liliana Borcea Source Localization in Cluttered Acoustic Waveguides Lebanese American University (LAU)
Assistant Professor
2010 Kellems, Anthony Richard Steve Cox Model Reduction of Large Spiking Neutrons Metron, Inc
2010 Nong, Hung Danny C. Sorensen Numerical Solutions of Matrix Equations Arising in Model Reduction of Large-Scale Linear-Time-Invariant Systems Numerica Corporation
Computational Scientist
2010 Sifuentes, Josef Aaron Mark Embree Preconditioned Iterative Methods for Inhomogeneous Acoustic Scattering Applications Texas A&M University
Assistant Professor
2010 Wang, Yilun Wotao Yin & Yin Zhang Enhanced Compressed Sensing Using Iterative Support Detection Cornell University
2009 Gonzalez, Edward F. Yin Zhang Efficient Alternating Gradient-Type Algorithms for the Approximate Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Problem PROS Revenue Management
Associate Scientist
2009 Gonzalez del Cueto, Fernando Liliana Borcea Filtering Random Layering Effects for Imaging and Velocity Estimation Shell
Research Geophysicist
2009 Papakonstantinou, Joanna M. Richard A. Tapia Historical Development of the BFGS Secant Method and Its Characterization Properties Rice University
Postdoctoral Research Associate
2009 Sun, Kai Matthias Heinkenschloss & Danny C. Sorensen Model Order Reduction and Domain Decomposition for Large-Scale Dynamical Systems BP
Quantitative Analyst
2008 Castillo, Edward Yin Zhang Optical Flow Methods for the Registration of Compressible Flow Images and Images Containing Large Voxel Displacements or Artifacts M.D. Anderson
2008 Eydelzon, Anatoly Yin Zhang A Study on Conditions for Sparse Solution Recovery in Compressive Sensing University of Texas, Dallas
2008 McClosky, Benjamin J. Illya V. Hicks Independence Systems and Stable Set Relaxations Nature Source Genetics
2008 Turner III, Jesse H. Steven J. Cox Multi-scale Behavior in Chemical Reaction Systems: Modeling, Applications, and Results Doris,Inc.;
2008 Young, Joseph G. Yin Zhang Program Analysis and Transformation in Mathematical Programming University of Bergen
Postdoc Researcher
2007 Sabino, John-Paul N. Mark Embree Solution of Large-Scale Lyapunov Equations via the Block Modified Smith Methods The Boeing Company
2007 Shah, Mili Danny C. Sorensen A Symmetry Preserving Singular Value Decomposition Loyola College in Maryland
Associate Professor
2007 Vasquez, Fernando Guevara Liliana Borcea On the Parametrization of Ill-posed Inverse Problems Arising from Elliptic Partial Differential Equations Stanford University
2006 Comas, Agata Matthias Heinkenschloss Time-Domain Decomposition Preconditioners for the Solution of Discretized Parabolic Optimal Control Problems Veritas D.G.C., Houston
Processing Geophysicist
2006 Dussaud, Eric Liliana Borcea
William W. Symes
Velocity Analysis in the Presence of Uncertainty Schlumberger
Research Geophysicist
2006 Hartsfield, Jane Steven J. Cox A Quantitative Study of Neuronal Calcium  
2006 Merritt, Michael Yin Zhang A Sensitivity-Driven Greedy Approach to Fluence Map Optimization in Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Shell
2006 Ridzal, Denis Matthias Heinkenschloss Trust-Region SQP Methods with Inexact Linear System Solves for Large-Scale Optimization Sandia National Laboratory
Von Neumann Research Fellow
2006 Thornquist, Heidi Danny C. Sorensen Fixed-Polynomial Approximate Spectral Transformations for Preconditioning the Eigenvalue Problem Sandia National Laboratory
Technical Staff
2005 Castillo, Zenaida Danny C. Sorensen A New Algorithm for Continuation and Bifurcation Analysis of Large Scale Free Surface Flows Universidad Central de Venezuela
Assistant Profesor
2005 Nguyen, Hoang Matthias Heinkenschloss Domain Decomposition Methods for Linear-Quadratic Elliptic Optimal Control Problems Biostatistics and Applied Mathematics Department, MD Anderson, Houston
Systems Analyst
2005 Padula, Tony William W. Symes Software Design for Simulation Driven Optimization Northrup Grumman
Software Engineer III
2005 Teng, Cong Danny C. Sorensen Model Reduction of Second Order Linear Dynamical Systems Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
2005 Vincent, Rachel Danny C. Sorensen A Reduced Basis Method for Molecular Dynamics Simulations Southern University & A & M College
Assistant Professor
2005 Wightman, Jennifer Petr Kloucek Approximation and Computation of the Solution to the Magneto-Ionosphere Coupling Equation via a Mixed Formulation Coastal Carolina University
Assistant Professor
2004 Husband, Christopher Paul
William W. Symes
James Tour
Stochastic Optimization Application in Molecular Electronics Metron Inc.
2004 Li, Ming Nathaniel Dean New Algorithms for Pathwide Computation Towers Perrin
Asst. Vice President
2004 Redl, Timothy Anton
Nathaniel Dean
Richard A. Tapia
A Study of University Timetabling that Blends Graph Coloring with the Satisfaction of Various Essential and Preferential Conditions University of Houston-Downtown
Associate Professor
2004 Wang, Zhen Matthias Heinkenschloss A Generalized trust Region SQP Algorithm for Equality Constrained Optimization Beijing University of Technology
2003 Abramson, Mark Aaron
John E. Dennis
Charles Audet
Pattern Search Algorithms for Mixed Variable General Constrained Optimization Problems The Boeing Company
Senior Mathematician
2003 Berrier, Keith Lee Danny C. Sorensen Improving the Electrocardiographic Inverse Solution by Kalman Filtering  
2003 Christian Jr., William Anderson Nathaniel Dean
William J. Cook
Linear-Time Algorithms for Graphs with Bounded Branchwidth  
2003 Melara Jr., Luis Adolfo
Petr Kloucek Computational Modeling of Internal Surfaces in Austenite-Martensite System Shippensburg University
Associate Professor
2003 Reynolds, Daniel Ryan Petr Kloucek A Nonlinear Thermodynamic Model for Phase transitions in Shape Memory Alloy Wires Southern Methodist University
Assistant Professor
2002 Gao, Liyan Yin Zhang Ellipsoidal Approximation to Polytopes and Computational Study of Lenstra's Algorithm The MathWorks, Inc.
2002 Gray, Genetha
Liliana Borcea
Yin Zhang
A Variational Study of the Electrical Impedance Tomography Problem Sandia National Labs
2002 Husband, Summer
James Tour
Nathaniel Dean
Programming the Nanocell, a Random Array of Molecules Rice University
2002 Jamrog, Diane
Richard A. Tapia
Yin Zhang
A New Global Optimization Strategy for the Molecular Replacement Problem Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2002 Zhou, Yunkai
Danny C. Sorensen Numerical Methods for Large Scale Matrix Equations with Applications in LTI System Model Reduction Southern Methodist University
Assistant Professor
2001 Dash, Sanjeeb William J. Cook On the Matrix Cuts of Lovász and Schrijver and their use in Integer Programming IMB Research Lab
2001 Klampfl, Erica Zimmer John E. Dennis A Mixed Integer Nonlinear Formulation for Improving Membrane Filtration Water treatment Plant Design Ford Motor Company
Research and Design
2001 Sinkevich, Olena
Richard A. Tapia
Yin Zhang
Optimization for Parameter Estimation with Application to transmission Electron Microscopy University of Michigan
Research Fellow
2000 Hicks, Illya
William J. Cook Branch Decompositions and their Applications Rice University
Associate Professor
2000 Ji, Lin
Steven J. Cox The Inverse Problem of Neuron Identification Scripps Research Institute
2000 Qian, Jianliang
William W. Symes Geometrical Optics for Quasi-P Waves: Theories and Numerical Methods Wichita State University
Assistant Professor
2000 Velázquez, Leticia
Richard A. Tapia
Yin Zhang
A Global Optimization Technique for Zero-Residual Nonlinear Least-Squares Problems The University of Texas at El Paso
Assistant Professor
2000 Villalobos, María Cristina
Richard A. Tapia
Yin Zhang
The Behavior of Newton's Method on Two Equivalent Systems from Linear and Nonlinear Programming The University of Texas - Pan American
Assistant Professor
1999 McZeal, Cassandra Moore
Robert Bixby
Yin Zhang
Reoptimization in Interior-Point Methods with Application to Integer Programming ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
1999 Rich, Jennifer
William J. Cook A Computational Study of Vehicle Routing Applications Chesapeake Supply Chain Development
Applications Consultant
1999 Rojas, Marielba
Danny C. Sorensen A Large-scale trust-region approach to the regularization of discrete ill-posed problems Technical University of Denmark
Associate Professor
1999 Serafini, David
John E. Dennis A Framework for Managing Models in Nonlinear Optimization of Computationally Expensive Functions Laboratory for Computerized training
Knight Financial Products LLC
1998 Martinez, Mónica
Richard A. Tapia
Mary Wheeler
A Priori Error Estimates of Finite Element Models for Systems of Shallow Water Equations Sandia National Labs
Senior Member of Technical Staff
1998 Williams, Pamela
Richard A. Tapia Effective Finite Termination Procedures in Interior Point Methods for Linear Programming Sandia National Labs
1998 Yang, Chao
Danny C. Sorensen Accelerating the Arnoldi Iteration - Theory and Practice Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Member of Technical Staff
1997 Abd El-Mageed, Maissa William W. Symes 3D first arrival traveltimes and amplitudes via eikonal and transport finite difference solvers University of Alexandria, Egypt
1997 Argaez, Miguel Richard A. Tapia Exact and Inexact Newton Linesearch Interior-Point Algorithms for Nonlinear Programming Problems University of Texas at El Paso
Assistant Professor
1997 Butera, Gwyneth Owens
Robert Bixby
John E. Dennis
The Solution of a Class of Limited Diversification Portfolio Selection Problems ILOG, Inc.
1997 Das, Indraneel
John E. Dennis Nonlinear Multicriteria Optimization and Robust Optimality United Technologies Research Center
Hartford, CT
Research Engineer for Strategic Optimization
1997 Klie, Hector Mary Wheeler Krylov-secant methods for solving large-scale systems of coupled nonlinear parabolic equations Sanchez Oil & Gas
1997 McCarthy, Maeve Steven J. Cox An Investigation of the Optimal Design of the Tallest Unloaded Column Murray State University, Kentucky
1997 Nolan, Clifford
William W. Symes Global Analysis of Linearized Inversion for the Acoustic Wave Equation Univerisity of Limerick, Ireland
1997 Oliveira, Aurelio Danny C. Sorensen A New Class of Preconditioners for Large-Scale LinearSystems from Interior Point Methods for Linear Programming UNICAMP--FEEC--Brazil
1997 Parada, Zeferino Richard A. Tapia A Modified Augmented Lagrangian Merit Function, and Q-Superlinear Characterization Results for Primal-Dual Quasi-Newton Interior-Point Method for Nonlinear Programming ITAM, Mexico
Departamento de Matematicas
1997 Saaf, Fredrik Mary Wheeler A Study of Reactive transport Phenomena in Porous Media Shell
1996 Berggren, Martin
Danny C. Sorensen Optimal Control of Time Evolution Systems: Controllability Investigations and Numerical Algorithms Uppsala Universitet, Sweden
1996 Blanch, Joakim William W. Symes A Study of Viscous Effects in Seismic Modeling, Imaging, and Inversion: Methodology, Computational Aspects, and Sensitivity BHP Billiton
Senior Geoscientists
1996 Kearsley, Tony
Richard A. Tapia The Use of Optimization Techniques in the Solution of Partial Differential Equations National Institute of Standards and Technology
Research Mathematician
1996 San Soucie (Woodward), Carol
Clint Dawson
Mary Wheeler
Mixed Finite Element Methods for Variably Saturated Subsurface Flow Lawrence Livermore Labs
Project Leader
1996 Vicente, Luís Nunes
John E. Dennis trust-Region Interior-Point Algorithms for a Class of Nonlinear Programming Problems Univ. de Coimbra, Portugal
Assistant Professor
1996 Yotov, Ivan
Mary Wheeler Mixed Finite Element Methods for Flow in Porous Media University of Pittsburgh
1996 Zuo, Wei Danny C. Sorensen A Restarted Lanczos Process for Computing a Large Percentage of the Eigenvalues of a Symmetric Matrix Hande Tech Development
1995 Dadmehr, Shireen Robert Bixby An Efficient Simplex Based Method for Solving Large Linear Programs High School Math Teacher
New Jersey
1995 González-Lima, María Richard A. Tapia Effective Computation of the Analytic Center of the Solution Set in Linear Programming Using Primal-Dual Interior-Point Methods Simon Bolivar University, Caracas, Venezuela
1995 Lehoucq, Richard
Danny C. Sorensen Analysis and Implementation of an Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi Iteration Sandia National Lab
1995 Minkoff, Susan
William W. Symes Multiparameter Inversion and Energry Source Estimation for a Reflection Seismic Experiment University of Maryland--Baltimore County (UMBC)
Associate Professor
1995 Parr, Victor Mary Wheeler Preconditioner Schemes for Ellipitc Saddle-point Matrices Based upon Jacobi Multi-Band Polynomial Matrices University of Texas
Research Scientist
1995 Song, Hua William W. Symes On a transmission Inverse Problem Avanti Inc.
Research Scientist
1994 Cores, Debora Richard A. Tapia A Robust Choice of the Lagrange Multipliers in the Successive Quadratic Programming Method INTEVEP, Venezuela
1994 Cowsar, Lawrence
Mary Wheeler Some Domain Decomposition and Multigrid Preconditioners for Hybrid Mixed Finite Elements Lucent Technologies
1994 Gockenbach, Mark
William W. Symes An Abstract Analysis of Differential Semblance Optimization Michigan Technological University
1993 Abd El-Aziz, Mohammedi Danny C. Sorensen Numerical Safeguarded Use of the Implicit Restarted Lanczos Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems Alexandria University, Egypt
1993 Alexandrov, Natalia John E. Dennis Multilevel Algorithms for Nonlinear Equations and Equality Constrained Optimization NASA Langley Research Labs
1993 Lee, Eva
Robert Bixby Solving Structured 0/1 Integer Programs Arising from truck Dispatching Scheduling Problems Georgia Tech & Emory University School of Medicine
1993 Maciel, M. Cristina John E. Dennis A Global Convergence Theory for a General Class of Trust Region Algorithms for Equality Constrained Optimization Universidad de la Plata, Argentina
1992 Samuelsen, Catherine
Richard A. Tapia The Dikin-Karmarkar Principle for Steepest Descent ExxonMobil Exploration
Geoscience Technical Development
1991 El-Bakry, Amr
Richard A. Tapia On the Role of Indicators in Identifying Zero Variables in Linear Programming ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.
1991 Gang, Bao
William W. Symes Microlocal Regularity of an Inverse Problem for the Multidimensional Wave Equation Michigan State University
1991 Overley, Kurt John E. Dennis Structured Secant Updates for Nonlinear Constrained Optimization  
1991 Raydan, Marcos Richard A. Tapia Convergence Properties on the Barzilai and Borwein Gradient Method Universidad Central de Venezuela
1991 Saigal, Sanjay
Robert Bixby Optimizing over the Cut Cone: A New Polyhedral Algorithm for the Maximum-Weight Cut Problem ILOG, Inc.
1991 Wu, Zhijun
John E. Dennis A Subgradient Algorithm for Nonlinear Integer Programming and Its Parallel Implementation Iowa State University
Year Name Advisor(s) Thesis
1990 Dobson, David
William W. Symes Stability and Regularity of an Inverse Elliptic Boundary Value Problem
1990 Williamson, Karen John E. Dennis A Robust trust Region Algorithm for Nonlinear Programming
1989 Chiang, Jershan Richard A. Tapia Convergence Rates for the Variable, the Multiplier, and the Pair in SQP Methods
1989 Lewis, Robert M. William W. Symes Source-Velocity Identification for a Layered Model of Reflection Seismology
1989 Li, Shou-Bai Richard A. Tapia
John E. Dennis
Global Convergence of trust Region Methods for Minimizing a Nondifferentiable Function
1989 Percell, Cheryl B. William W. Symes The Effect of Caustics in Acoustic Inverse Scattering Experiments
1989 Torczon, Virginia John E. Dennis Multi-Directional Search:  A Direct Search Algorithm for Parallel Machines
1988 Dawson, Clint N.
Mary Wheeler Error Estimates for Godunov Mixed Methods for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
1988 El-Alem, Mahmoud John E. Dennis
Richard A. Tapia
A Global Convergence Theory for a Class of trust Region Algorithms for Constrained Optimization
1988 Martinez, Hector John E. Dennis
Richard A. Tapia
Local and Superlinear Convergence of Structured Secant Methods From the Convex Class
1987 El-Hallabi, Mohammedi Richard A. Tapia
John E. Dennis
A Global Convergence Theory for Arbitrary Norm trust Region Methods for Nonlinear Equations
1987 Turner, Kathryn John E. Dennis
Richard A. Tapia
A Variable-Metric Variant of the Karmarkar Algorithm for Linear Programming
1986 Carter, Richard John E. Dennis Multi-Model Algorithms for Optimization
1986 Gonzales, Ruth Mary Wheeler Domain Decomposition for Two-Dimensional Elliptic Operators on Vector and Parallel Machines
1986 Husemann, Joyce Stevens George Terrell Histogram Estimators of Bivariate Densities
1986 Killough, John E. Mary Wheeler A Multi-Level Domain Decomposition Algorithm Suitable for the Solution of Three-Dimensional Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
1986 Li, Guangye John E. Dennis Algorithms for Solving Sparse Nonlinear Systems of Equations
1986 McKay, Edward David Middleton Electromagnetic Propagation and Scattering in Spherically-Symmetric Terrestrial System-Models
1986 Meza, Juan
William W. Symes Conjugate Residual Methods for Almost Symmetric Linear Systems
1986 Olkin, Julia William W. Symes Linear and Nonlinear Deconvolution Models
1985 Bunch, David John E. Dennis Parameter Estimation of Probabilistic Choice Models
1985 Celis, Maria Rosa
Richard A. Tapia
John E. Dennis
A trust Region Strategy for Nonlinear Equality Constrained Optimization
1985 Dean, Edward Richard A. Tapia
John E. Dennis
A Model trust Region Modification of Inexact Newton's Method for Nonlinear Two Point Boundary Value Problems
1985 Jee, J. Rodney David Scott
George Terrell
A Study of Projection Pursuit Methods
1985 Parks, Teresa
John E. Dennis
Richard A. Tapia
Reducible Nonlinear Programming Problems
1985 Woods, Daniel John E. Dennis An Interactive Approach for Solving Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
1983 Allen, John Ken Kennedy Dependence Analysis for Subscripted Variables and Its Application to Program transformations
1983 Boswell, Steven James Thompson Nonparametric Mode Estimation for Higher Dimensional Densities
1983 Cooper, Keith Ken Kennedy Interprocedural Data Flow Analysis in a Programming Environment
1983 Fontecilla, Rodrigo Richard A. Tapia A General Convergence Theory for Quasi-Newton Methods for Constrained Optimization
1983 Hathaway, Richard John E. Dennis
James Thompson
Constrained Maximum-Likelihood Estimation for a Mixture of M Univariate Normal Distributions
1983 Palmer, Owen James Mary Wheeler Error Estimates for Finite Element Methods Applied to Contaminant transport Equations
1983 Scheidler, Michael C.C. Wang Acceleration Waves
1983 Zadeck, Frank Ken Kennedy Incremental Data Flow Analysis in a Structured Program Editor
1982 Liu, Chung-Tsong Angelo Miele Initial-Value Method for Two-Point Boundary-Value Problems
1982 Marks, Scott Ken Kennedy Optimization of Functional Programs
1982 Potempa, Thom Mary Wheeler Finite Element Methods for Convection Dominated transport Problems
1982 Rokhlin, Vladimir John E. Dennis Integral Equations' Approach to Scattering Problems
1981 Atkinson, Neely James Thompson A Statistical Investigation of the Pulmonary Effects of Exposure to Asbestos
1981 Darlow, Bruce Mary Wheeler A Penalty-Galerkin Method for Solving the Miscible Displacement Problem
1981 Fogel, Sergei Rui de Figueiredo A Feature Construction Methodology for Recognition of Complex Patterns in Scenes
1980 Nezames, Donna David Scott Some Results for Estimating Bivariate Densities Using Kernel, Orthogcnal Series and Penalized Likelihood Procedures
1980 Smith, Melvyn James Thompson Survivorship Models for Sexually transmissible Diseases
1979 Batiz, Sergio Robert Thrall On Decisions With Multiple Objectives: Review and Classification of Prescriptive Methodologies, A Group Value Function Problem, and Applications of a Measure of Information to a Class of Multiattribute Problems
1979 Garg, Naresh Richard A. Tapia A Robust Modification of Newton's Method for Nonlinear Optimization
1979 Hammons, Charles Robert Thrall On Subjective Data in the Multicriteria Decision Problem
1978 Anderson, George Richard A. Tapia An Adaptive Orthogonal-Series Estimator for Probability Density Functions
1978 Hiebert, Kathie Richard A. Tapia An Extension of Newton's Method to Systems of Equations and Inequalities
1978 Nocedal, Jorge Richard A. Tapia On the Method of Conjugate Gradients for Function Minimization
1978 Shields, Thomas Ken Kennedy Syntax Directed Error Analysis in Automatically Constructed Parsers
1978 Wilcox, Lynn Rui de Figueiredo Computationally Efficient Estimators for the Bayes Risk
1977 Farrow, Rodney Ken Kennedy Attributed Grammar Models for Data Flow Analysis
1977 Ramanathan, Jayashree Ken Kennedy Global Data Flow Algorithms and Their Implementations
1977 Turbay, Gabriel Guillermo Owen On Value Theories for N-Person Cooperative Games
1977 Zyla, Lubomyr Rui de Figueiredo A Theory of Nonlinear System Approximation and Identification Based on Volterra Expansions
1976 Byrd, Richard Richard A. Tapia Local Convergence of the Diagonalized Method of Multipliers
1976 Grisham, Jack Henry Rachford
Mary Wheeler
An Interior Penalty H1-Galerkin Procedure for the Numerical Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
1976 Scott, David
Richard A. Tapia
James Thompson
Nonparametric Probability Density Estimation by Optimization Theoretic Techniques
1976 Warren, Scott Ken Kennedy The Coroutine Model of Attribute Grammar Evaluation
1975 Cloutier, James Angelo Miele The Computation of Optimal Controls in the Presence of Nondifferential Constraints by a Sequential Conjugate Gradient-restoration Technique
1975 Moore, Ted Robert Thrall An Economic Model of a Coal Gasification-Combined Cycle Electric Power Plant
1975 Myers, Geraldine Richard Young A Primal-Dual Algorithm for Integer Programming Over A Cone
1974 Bennett, John Rui de Figueiredo
James Thompson
Estimation of Multivariate Probability Density Functions Using B-Splines
1974 Guerra, Victor Richard A. Tapia Error Detection and Data Smoothing Based on Local Procedures
1974 Ho, Tzu-Li C.C. Wang Continuum Theory For Composite Materials
1973 Archer, David Henry Rachford Some Methods of Collocation Type for Differential Equations
1973 Chou, Shih-I C.C. Wang Galerkin Approximations on Linear Elastostatics, Elastodynamics, and Thermoelastodynamics
1973 de Montricher, Gilbert Richard A. Tapia
James Thompson
Nonparametric Bayesian Estimation of Probability Densities by Function Space Techniques
1973 Hsia, Wei Robert Thrall Decomposition in Nonlinear and Stochastic Programming
1973 McCarthy, Mary Richard A. Tapia Error Bounds For the Solution of Two Point Boundary Value Problems Based on the Kantorovich Theorem
1972 Hoard, Robert Frank Huband A Study of Estimation Problems Involving Multiple traces

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