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Colloquium - 11/13, 3:00PM, Duncan Hall 1064

Manas Rachh

Department of Applied Mathematics

"Solution of the Stokes Equation on Regions with Corners"

The detailed behavior of solutions to the biharmonic equation on regions with corners has been historically difficult to characterize. It is conjectured by Osher (and proven in certain special cases) that the Green’s function for the biharmonic equation on regions with corners has infinitely many oscillations in the vicinity of each corner. In this talk, we show that, when the biharmonic equation is formulated as a boundary integral equation, the solutions are representable by rapidly convergent series of elementary functions which oscillate with a frequency proportional to the logarithm of the distance from the corner. These representations are used to construct highly accurate and efficient Nyström discretizations, significantly reducing the number of degrees of freedom required for solving the corresponding integral equations. We illustrate the performance of our method with several numerical examples.

Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics
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