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Colloquium - 11/27, 3:00PM, Duncan Hall 1064

Marc Garbey

Computational Science in Surgery
Houston Methodist Hospital and Weill Cornell Medicine

"Vascular Adaptation: Challenges and Opportunities"

Following local injury occurs through a combination of intimal hyperplasia and wall (inward/outward) remodeling. Over the past two decades, researchers have applied a wide variety of approaches to investigate neointimal hyperplasia and vascular remodeling in an effort to identify novel therapeutic strategies. However, despite incremental progress over these decades, specific cause/effect links between hemodynamic factors, inflammatory biochemical mediators, cellular effectors, and vascular occlusive phenotype remain lacking. In our collaboration with Scott Berceli (UF), we propose a multiscale computational framework of vascular adaptation to systematically test hypothesis and confront the theory to clinical and experimental observation. Our model implements the feedback mechanism between environment condition described by continuous dynamic and tissue plasticity described at the cellular level with an agent based model. Our implementation is (i) modular, (ii) facilitates the agile development of the model and (iii) starts from basic mecano-biology principle at the cell level.

Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics
6100 Main MS-134   Houston, TX 77005   713.348.4805

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