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Shell Lecture Series - 4/07, 3:00PM, Duncan Hall 1064

Luciano Castillo

National Wind Resource Center
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Texas Tech University

"Pseudo Spectral Analysis of the Energy Entrainment in a Scaled Down Wind Farm

Although wind turbines have been well studied from a blade aerodynamics perspective, the interactions among these massive structures and the atmospheric turbulent boundary layer are still not understood in detail. It is important to understand such interactions in order to maximize the energy that can be extracted from the available wind resource. Past investigations have determined that wind turbines that operate within an array can display a significant power generation loss, when compared to a freestanding wind turbine. Thus, their ability to extract kinetic energy from the flow decreases due to complex interactions among them, the terrain topography and the atmospheric boundary layer.

In order to improve the understanding of the kinetic energy in wind turbines, wind-tunnel experiments were performed on a scaled down wind farm of 3x5. In this presentation the speaker will use velocity field measurements and applications of the Navier-Stokes and Kinetic Energy equations to demonstrate the importance of turbulence on wind energy performance. In addition, using a low dimensional analysis of the velocity field measurements he will show that large scales of turbulence carry most of the kinetic energy used in the wind farms. Thus, scales of the order of the wind turbine rotor and the total wind farm size are quantities which are critical in determining how much power can be extracted from the atmospheric boundary layer.

The Shell Lectures in the Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics are made possible through the generous support of the Shell Oil Company and focus on topics related to the energy industry.

This is a joint talk with the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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