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Colloquium - 2/19, 3:00PM, Duncan Hall 1064

Andreas Mang

Department of Mathematics
University of Houston

"CLAIRE: A Distributed-Memory Solver for Constrained Diffeomorphic Image Registration"

We will discuss computational methods for constrained diffeomorphic image registration, a classical inverse problem, which seeks to find pointwise correspondences between two or more images of the same scene. We will consider a PDE-constrained formulation; the PDE constraints are the transport equations for the image intensities. The control variable is the velocity. We will discuss the formulation, discretization, numerical solution, and the deployment of our methods in high-performance computing platforms. Our code is implemented in C/C++ and uses the message passing interface (MPI) library for parallelism.

We will showcase results for clinically relevant problems, study numerical accuracy, rate of convergence, time-to-solution, inversion quality, and scalability of our solver. We will see that we can solve clinically relevant problems (50 million unknowns) in less than two minutes on a standard workstation. If we use 512 MPI tasks we can reduce the runtime to under 2 seconds, paving the way to tackle real-time applications. We will also showcase results for the solution of registration problems of unprecedented scale, with up to 200 billion unknowns.

Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics
6100 Main MS-134   Houston, TX 77005   713.348.4805

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