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Jesse Chan. Assistant Professor. Ph.D. (2013) University of Texas, Austin. High order finite element methods and high performance computing.

  • jesse.chan AT rice.edu
  • DCH 3023
  • 713-348-6113

Maarten de Hoop. Professor. Ph.D. (1992) Delft University of Technology. Scattering, imaging and inverse problems, theoretical and computational seismology.

  • mdehoop AT rice.edu
  • DCH 2035
  • 713-348-5723

Adrianna Gillman. Assistant Professor. Ph.D. (2011) University of Colorado at Boulder. Intersection of numerical analysis, linear algebra, and the modeling of physical phenomena.

  • adrianna.gillman AT rice.edu
  • DCH 3022
  • 713-348-5665

Paul Hand. Assistant Professor. Ph.D. (2009) New York University. Convex optimization, information theory, statistical inference, random matrix theory, and numerical simulation.

  • hand AT rice.edu
  • DCH 3086
  • 713-348-5368

Matthias Heinkenschloss. Noah G. Harding Chair and Professor. Ph.D. (1991) University of Trier, Germany. Analysis of optimization methods for optimal control, optimal design, and parameter identification problems governed by partial differential equations (PDEs).

  • heinken AT rice.edu
  • DCH 3088
  • 713-348-5176

Illya V. Hicks. Professor. Ph.D. (2000) Rice University. Combinatorial optimization, graph theory, integer programming and related applications.

  • illya.hicks AT rice.edu
  • DCH 3020
  • 713-348-5667

Matthew G. Knepley. Assistant Professor. Ph.D. (2000) Purdue University. Mathematical modeling, scalable nonlinear solvers, and large scale computational science.

  • knepley AT rice.edu
  • DCH 3021
  • 713-348-4805

Beatrice M. Riviere. Noah G. Harding Chair and Professor. Ph.D. (2000) University of Texas, Austin. Numerical analysis, partial differential equations, discontinuous Galerkin methods, porous media flow, computational fluid dynamics, mathematical biology.
(Department Chair since July 2015).

  • riviere AT rice.edu
  • DCH 3019
  • 713-348-4094

Andrew J. Schaefer. Noah G. Harding Chair and Professor. PhD (2000) Georgia Institute of Technology. Computational, theoretical and applied aspects of stochastic optimization, stochastic integer programming, Markov decision processes, optimal disease treatment models, optimizing healthcare systems.

  • andrew.schaefer AT rice.edu
  • DCH 2036
  • 713-348-4178

Richard A. Tapia. University Professor and Maxfield-Oshman Professor. Ph.D. (1967) University of California, Los Angeles. Numerical analysis and optimization theory.

  • rat AT rice.edu
  • DCH 3073
  • 713-348-4049

Yin Zhang. Professor. PhD (1987) State University of New York, Stony Brook. Design, analysis, and implementation of computer algorithms for solving practical optimization problems.

  • zhang AT rice.edu
  • DCH 3090
  • 713-348-5744

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