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Postdoctoral Researchers

Caday, Peter 713-348-5724 DCH 2037 peter.a.caday AT rice.edu
Cappanera, Loic   DCH 2001 loic.cappanera AT rice.edu
Chaabane, Nabil   DCH 2001 nabil.chaabane AT rice.edu
Dafni, Raanan   DCH 2004 raanan.dafni AT rice.edu
Frank, Florian   DCH 2002 florian.frank AT rice.edu
Huang, GuangHui   DCH 2004 guanghui.huang AT rice.edu
Huang, Wen 713-348-3702 DCH 3087 wen.huang AT rice.edu
Katsnelson, Vitaly 713-348-5724 DCH 2037 vitaly.katsnelson AT rice.edu
Qiu, Tianyu 713-348-2049 DCH 3018 tianyu.qiu AT rice.edu
Wong, Christopher 713-348-3336 DCH 2038 cawong AT rice.edu
Yoo, Emily     emily.yoo AT rice.edu

Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics
6100 Main MS-134   Houston, TX 77005   713.348.4805

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