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Prospective Graduate Students

Our department is home to a lively graduate community. Graduate work in CAAM involves intensive course study in small classes, close interaction with professors, immediate opportunities to participate in seminars and to engage in research projects. We have weekly colloquia featuring experts from leading universities and research laboratories who describe their recent work in critical research areas. We also have a weekly lunch-time seminar for student presentations.

CAAM Events:

The CAAM Department offers a very rich research environment to the graduate students. In particular there are several weekly events that allow students opportunities to participate with others in the applied mathematics field.

CAAM graduate students also have the unique opportunity to participate in many outreach activities involving high school students from Houston, or undergraduates students from various universities.


CAAM graduate students present in annual research pitch competition.

Before You Apply:

Before you begin the application process you should understand the University wide admission requirements, found in the University catalogue known as the General Announcements.

Review the information from the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS) for additional information.

Carefully read the CAAM web pages, especially the Faculty Bios. Try to identify professors whose research areas mirror your own interests. This will make it easier for you to find an advisor who will support you after the first year.

To make sure scores are available when admission decisions are normally made, applicants should take the GRE by the December before the fall for which they are applying.

The admissions deadline for those applying for the Fall 2018 semester in the for PhD/MA program is December 15. Late applications will be accepted until January 15, 2018. Candidates who miss the December 15 deadline place themselves in a less competitive position. The deadline for those applying for the MCAAM program is January 15; late applications will be accepted until February 28th.

Admission depends on a students' academic records, available test scores, and letters of reference from scholars under whom they have studied. To be considered for one of the programs in CAAM, you must submit all materials online by the deadlines posted.

Application Process:

Read the "Directions and Information" section of the application carefully and completely before you begin. Once the form is submitted with payment, no changes can be made. An application for graduate study should include the completed application form, application fees, transcript(s), and recommendations.

An application for graduate study must include all of the following:

Application Fee

$85 payable online using a major credit card. The fee must be paid before submitting an application. Applicants that believe they may be eligible for a waiver should contact the department. Note that fee waivers are granted only in rare cases.

Letters of Recommendations

3 (preferably 4) letters of recommendation are required from individuals (preferably, professors or research advisers) who are familiar with your work in computational and applied mathematics or other scientific fields.

The online application system will require you to submit letter writer names and email addresses. The system will then send an email to each of your letter writers with a secure link to the online system, allowing them to submit letters on your behalf.

Official Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts should be uploaded directly into the application system at the time the application is submitted.

One official transcript from all universities/colleges attended should be sent directly to the CAAM Department.

A transcript is considered official when it is enclosed in a sealed envelope with the official stamp or signature of the Institution across the seal when received by the department.

Only one copy from each institution attended is required.


GRE scores sent electronically from the ETS (Institution Code 6609, Department Code 0702).

Tests should be taken by the December before the fall semester for which you are applying. The subject Mathematics test is NOT required.

The Department does not provide information on average or minimum GRE scores.

TOEFL (if applicable)

Applicants whose native language is not English must submit TOEFL scores with a minimum IBT score of 90. The TOEFL is not necessary for an international student who has received a degree from a university in which English is the official language of communication.

TOEFL scores sent electronically from the ETS (Institution Code 6609, Department Code 54).

Tests should be taken by the December before the fall semester for which you are applying.

Any ETS scores sent to Institution Code 6609 will be retrievable by any Rice University Department.

Now you are ready:

Apply to Rice Online https://caamgradapps.rice.edu/.

Do not mail duplicate materials to the department as this will hinder the processing of your application.

To avoid the delay of your application process, do not contact the department Chair or faculty members to inquire about admission requirements or application procedures/status. They will simply forward your message to the Graduate Administrator.

For additional questions, consult: http://www.caam.rice.edu/grad_faq.html.

Notification of Application Status:

The department will send you an email notification of receipt of your application. You will be notified in the email if you application is missing an item or items. Only complete application are reviewed and considered. We will contact the top candidates by email to make offers of admission in mid-March to mid-April. A final application status notification will be sent to all other applicants who are not made offers of admission by the end of April.

Visiting Post Baccalaureate (VPB) Applicants:

VPB students are non-degree seeking students. Courses are taken for credit without the student being admitted to a degree program. Attending Rice University as a VPB student is not a means of entering a degree program.

VPB applicants should fill out an application through the office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies at:

Mailing Address:

Graduate Administrator
Computational and Applied Mathematics - MS 134
Rice University
PO Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892

Physical Delivery Address:

Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAAM)
Rice University
6100 Main St. - MS 134
Houston, TX 77005-1892
ATTN: Graduate Administrator

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