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Prospective Undergraduates

Rice University's undergraduate program in computational and applied mathematics has a structure that allows students considerable freedom to meet their individual needs and interests. Students who intend to continue for an advanced degree usually take more than the minimum requirements, strengthening their mastery of certain fields of interest. Some select CAAM as a second technical major, supplementing an engineering, economics, or science curriculum. Others combine the program with a non-technical major (such as history, fine arts, literature, languages, or political science), allowing them to pursue personal intellectual interests while honing their mathematical abilities for a technical career in research or industry. Other students find the sound intellectual experience of a CAAM undergraduate major strong preparation for professional school in medicine, law, or business. Whatever the final destination, many students supplement and enrich their classroom work through undergraduate research during the school year and summer.

Currently, the Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics has 39 undergraduate majors enrolled in its Bachelor of Arts program (RICE Fall 2013 Census). Although undergraduates are encouraged to declare one earlier, students are not required to declare a major until the spring semester of their second year. As a result, the enrollment figures above underestimate our number of majors.

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