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TR # Title   Author(s)
TR17-09 An Inverse Free Projected Gradient Descent Method for the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem   Frankie Camacho
TR17-08 Novel Techniques for the Zero-Forcing and p-Median Graph Location Problems   Caleb C. Fast
TR17-07 A Parallel-In-Time Gradient-Type Method For Optimal Control Problems   Xiaodi Deng
TR17-06 Hermite Methods for the Simulation of Wave Propagation   Arturo Vargas
TR17-05 Bilevel Clique Interdiction and Related Problems   Timothy Joseph Becker
TR17-04 GPU-Accelerated Discontinuous Galerkin Methods on Hybrid Meshes: Applications in Seismic Imaging   Zheng Wang
TR17-03 Numerical Methods and Applications for Reduced Models of Blood Flow   Charles Puelz
TR17-02 Representation and Estimation of Seismic Sources via Multipoles   Mario J. Bencomo
TR17-01 Projection-Based Model Reduction in the Context of Optimization with Implicit PDE Constraints   Caleb Magruder

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