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B.A. Program

Courses within this major can provide foundations applicable to the many fields of engineering, physical sciences, life sciences, behavioral and social sciences, and computer sciences. Undergraduate majors have considerable freedom to plan a course of study consistent with their particular interests.

The CAAM Department offers a B.A. degree with advanced courses chosen from the areas of:

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Operations Research
  • Optimization
  • Differential Equations
  • Scientific Computation

Degrees Requirement For B.A. in Computational & Applied Mathematics

Students majoring in computational and applied mathematics are required to complete the 49-52 semester hours spelled out in the following program of study.

Introductory Courses
( Typically completed during the first two years )
Course # Course Title
CAAM 210: Introduction to Engineering Computation
CAAM 335: Matrix Analysis
MATH 101: Single Variable Calculus I*
MATH 102: Single Variable Calculus II
MATH 212: Multivariable Calculus+

*Students with prior experience with calculus may replace MATH 101 with a 3-credit quantitative elective at the 200-level or above, as approved by a CAAM undergraduate advisor. (This quantitative elective is in addition to the four electives required below.)

+Students may substitute the Honors Calculus sequence (MATH 221, 222) for MATH 212.

Entering students should enroll in the most advanced course commensurate with their background; advice is available from the CAAM department during Orientation Week.

Intermediate Courses
( Typically completed by the end of the third year )
Course # Course Title
CAAM 336: Differential Equations in Science and Engineering
CAAM 378: Introduction to Operations Research and Optimization
MATH 302: Elements of Analysis
  or MATH 321: Introduction to Analysis I
STAT 310 Probability and Statistics
  or STAT 331: Applied Probability

*Students who plan to pursue graduate studies in Computational and Applied Mathematics should take MATH 321 and MATH 322.

Advanced Courses
( Typically completed during the fourth year )
Course # Course Title
CAAM 453: Numerical Analysis I ( and one of the following two courses )
CAAM 454: Numerical Analysis II ( or )
CAAM 471: Linear and Integer Programming
Design Project
( Typically completed during the fourth year )
Course # Course Title
CAAM 495: Senior Design Project I
CAAM 496: Senior Design Project II

4 Courses at 300-level or above, 2 of which are at 400-level or above.
(Chosen in consultation with a CAAM undergraduate advisor).

Highly Recommended
Course # Course Title
CAAM 423: Partial Differential Equations I
CAAM 519: Computational Science I
CAAM 536: Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
CAAM 560: Optimization Theory
CAAM 570: Graph Theory
MATH 322: Introduction to Analysis II
MATH 425: Integration Theory
MATH 427: Complex Analysis
STAT 431: Overview of Mathematical Statistics

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