CAAM 335 · Matrix Analysis

Spring 2018 · Rice University



There are three exams in this course. Each exam will each account for 20% of the final grade. The first two exams are take-home, timed, closed-book exams. The final exam is scheduled. Each exam must be your individual, unassisted effort; indicate compliance by writing out in full and signing the traditional pledge.

Exam dates: Feb 14, mid-March, and TBD.
Exam 1 will be posted on CANVAS on Wednesday 2/14 and it is due at the beginning of class on the following Monday. Since the exam is time limited, you are only allowed to view and download the exam right before you plan to take it. Exam 1 covers the material in Lectures 1-12 and homeworks 1-5, and is take home, closed-book, with a time limit of 3 uninterrupted hours.

Practice exam (fall 2017), solutions, and additional practice problems.