Birth Story:  After being told for two days that I was not in labor, Madelyn graced us with her presence well before dawn on a Monday morning.  She wasn't the cutest thing in the world, but Marcellous and I figured she'd grow on us.  Fortunately, after a day or so, she became stunningly attractive, and my husband and I were quite proud of our handiwork.

The First Few Months:   Madelyn is a very happy, but very stubborn baby.  She decided without consulting her parents that she would not use a bottle.  Since I was three months from completing my Ph.D., Madelyn started attending graduate school at six weeks old.  She did very well and slept during most of the day which allowed her Momma to graduate on time and take a work-at-home position.

Currently:  Madelyn is a very healthy 18 lbs and 27.5 inches at seven months.  Her 6th month was quite busy.  She cut her first two teeth, began to crawl forward, learned to pull up to a standing position from sitting, and started surfing the furniture.  My mother claims that she is trying to make way for a little brother or sister.  You never know….