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I studied wave propagation, imaging, and velocity estimation on randomly layered media, under the advisorship of Dr. Liliana Borcea.

When I graduated in 2008 I joined the Scanning Technologies Research Group (formerly Potential Fields and Remote Sensing) at Shell International Exploration & Production.

In 2015 I joined the research group of Quantlab Financial in the options strategies team, but for personal reasons had to leave and relocate to Denver, CO.

I currently work as a consultant, primarily with Lumos Imaging working on an interesting inverse problem regarding hyperspectral imaging.

I have found particular interest in the research topics and applications of Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Imaging Science, Dimensional Reduction, Visualization, Anomaly Detection, Compressed Sensing, and Numerical Optimization.


You can visit my ResearchGate, and Google Scholar, LinkedIn profiles.


My résuméPDF is available in PDF format.