Math 126U Summer 2003

Instructor:  Kirk Blazek
Office:  Padelford C-8L (one floor below math advising)
Office hours:  5-6 Monday in my office, 8:45-9:45 either in our classroom or back in my office, depending on the desires of the attendees.

Class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7pm - 8:45pm in SAV 243.

Math Study Center:
The math study center is located in the communications building, B-014 (it's another one of those basement places).  This is a pretty good place to study and sometimes find other people studying the same thing.  There are undergraduates and graduates there specifically to answer any questions you may have.  They're not private tutors or anything, just there to help you when you hit a snag.  But it never hurts to get a different perspective if you're having trouble.  The hours are:
Mon & Wed 9:30am - 6:30pm
Tue, Thur, Fri 9:30am-1:30pm

Class Setup:
Since class in an hour and forty-five minutes long, we will take a break midway through class for about five minutes.  As such, the class splits nicely into two halves.  The first half of class will be spent on fairly direct lecture, going over new material.  I always welcome questions, especially if something I do is unclear or if I'm moving too fast.  However, for the lecture portion of class, I prefer that the questions refer to the matters at hand as opposed to off topic subjects (like homework).
After break is the second half of class.  This will not strictly be lecture like the first half, but will focus more on answering questions and going over more complicated and in-depth examples related to the material.  Even if I'm unable to answer them, I welcome questions that are more off the wall, though still pertaining to the general topic of discussion.  The second half of class will be the equivalent of a regular quiz section for a day class.  However, I want you to be aware that any material covered in either part of lecture is fair game on quizzes or tests.  In some situations I may actually want to spend much of the second half of class lecturing.

As requested, we will from now on have quizzes at the beginning of class of Thursdays, that way they will be over the material covered in the previous week's worth of classes, and not have any additional lecture material not covered on the quiz.  The quiz will be worth a total of five points, concentrating on whether the correct method was used and understood, not so much worrying about minor details.  There will be a total of six quizzes in this class, and the lowest quiz score of the six will be dropped for each individual.

Homework will cover the lecture material for the week, and will be due the following Wednesday.  This is so that it is due relatively soon after the week in which the material was covered, but with time for you to come to me with any questions.  As with quizzes, the lowest homework grade will be dropped.

This will happen at the end of every three weeks.  The first two exams will be designed to be taken in a fifty-minute time interval, wheras the final will take up the entire class time.  Calculators are not allowed on quizzes or exams.  You do get an 8.5"x11" handwritten page of notes for each exam.

Late Policy:
Late homework is not accepted, and quizzes cannot be taken late.  However, your lowest quiz grade and your lowest homework grade will be dropped.

Want to see  old quizzes and tests?

Grading scheme:
Homework 10%
Quizzes 10%
Exams 20% each
Final 40%

Homework Assignments

Week Sections Problems Due Date
1 11.1 Sequences
11.2 Series
11.3 Integral Test
11.1 #11,12,17,18,26,27,32,38,50
11.2 #9,11,18,19,24,25,32,44,49,56,62
11.3 #3,6,8,12,19,20,25,33,35
July 2nd
Quiz 1 w/solns
2 11.4 Comparison Tests
11.5 Alternating Series
11.6 Ratio/Root Tests
11.4 #9,10,13,14,23,25,30,31,38
11.5 #5,7,12,13,14,17,26,27
11.6 #4,8,9,15,20,24,26,27,34
July 9th
Quiz 2 w/solns
Exam 1
11.7 Strategies
11.8 Power Series
11.9 Representations of Functions
11.7 #9,11,19,22,29,34,37
11.8 #6,8,9,16,17,24,30,35,39
11.9 #4,5,11,13,17,27,40
July 16th
Exam 1 solns
4 11.10 Taylor/Maclaurin Series
11.12 Taylor Polynomials
12.1 Three-D
11.10 #5,11,14,23,24,38,45,56
11.12 #29,30(a)
12.1 #3,8,11,14,16,32,40
July 23rd
Quiz 3 w/solns
5 12.2 Vectors
12.3 Dot Product
12.4 Cross Product
12.2 #5,18,19,23,25,31,35,41
12.3 #1,16,17,26,27,39,42,53,55
12.4 #9,12,14,15,25,31,34,39,45
July 30th
Quiz 4 w/solns
Exam 2
12.5 Lines and Planes
10.1 Parametric Equations
10.2 Tangents and Areas
12.5 #4,9,10,16,21,24,27,30,34,35,42,57,63
10.1 #4,8,11,22,29,40(a)
10.2 #3,6,10,17,19,31,33,34,35
August 6th
Exam 2 solns
7 10.3 Arc Length and Surface Area
13.1 Vector Functions/Space Curves
13.2 Derivatives/Integrals of Vector Functions
10.3 #2,8,15,24,29,33
13.1 #7-12,16,21,30
13.2 #10,15,17,20,31,33,40,49
August 13th
8 13.3 Arc Length and Curvature
13.4 Motion in Space
14.1 Several Variables
13.3 #2,11,14,16,30,31,34,49
13.4 #7,12,13,16,19,21,23,24
14.1 #5,6,11,24,26,30,32,37,36,51-56
August 21st
(Last Day of Class)
Quiz 6 w/solns 
14.3 Partial Derivatives
14.4 Tangent Planes and Linear Approximations
14.3 #4,5,6,12,14,22,28,34,40,44,57,75
14.4 #2,3,5,6,17,29,32,38
This assignment is not due.
Use it for practice.
The final in pdf format