SPE-GCS Invited Talk


I have been invited to give a talk at the Gulf-Coast branch of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). The talk is titled "Optimization and Adaptive Simulation for the Optimal Well-Rate Allocation Problem". For more details, please go here.

Doctoral Candidacy!


I have officially passed my thesis proposal, which makes me a doctoral candidate. I expect to finish and defend my disertation late 2010.

Master's Thesis


I'm happy to say that I successfully defended my master's thesis "A C++ Class Supporting Adjoint State Methods" on 11/30/07. This research lays the computational foundation for my doctoral research, which will examine the effect of adaptive adjoint-state methods' effect on the convergence of optimization algorithms.

GMACS Formation


Seeking to unite the graduate students studying mathematics (may it be pure, applied, or statistics), some colleagues and I have decided to form the GMACS Student Association. This club was approved by the GSA council on 11/27/2007. GMACS activities will begin the spring semester of 2008.