My research deals with the following topics: computational frameworks for solving inverse problems, and effective use of adaptive time stepping for optimal control problems. More information regarding my publications, conference proceedings, etc. can be found below.


"From Modeling to Inversion: Designing a Well-Adapted Simulator". William Symes, Dong Sun, and Marco Enriquez, Geophysical Prospecting, 2011. Submitted.

"A C++ Class Supporting Adjoint-State Methods". Master's Thesis, Rice University

Conference Proceedings

"From Simulation to Inversion: Algorithm and Software Organization for Imaging and Inversion". Marco Enriquez, Rami Nammour, Dong Sun, William W. Symes, Igor Terentyev, and Xin Wang, SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, 2011. In Preparation.

"Cortical Constraint Method for Diffuse Optical Brain Imaging". Misha Kilmer, Eric Miller, Marco Enriquez, David Boas, SPIE Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, Vol. 5559, Aug. 2004, pp. 381-391.

Poster Presentations

"A C++ Class Supporting Adjoint-State Methods". Blackwell-Tapia Conference 2008

Technical Reports

"A User's guide to TSOpt (Time-Stepping for Optimization Software)", Rice University 2009

Invited Talks

"Optimization and Adaptive Simulation for the Optimal Well-Rate Allocation Problem", SPE-GCS May 2010