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Worthing Rice Apprenticeship Pogram

The Worthing Rice Apprenticeship Program (WRAP) is a collaborative effort between Evan E. Worthing High School in Sunnyside Houston and Rice University. Since 2005, we have been working with student from Worthing on mathematical biology projects. In its formative years, we accepted students entering their junior year. For the first semester, we worked through the necessary math and biology skills before starting a research project in the second semester. Upon completion, the students presented the results of their work to their peers at Worthing. Returing seniors in the program would mentor incoming juniors and recieve help in applying for colleges and scholarships. In the last year, we have opened up the program to all classmen. We focused our research topics on using graph theoretic approaches to modeling epilepsy. This work is done in collaboration with University of Texas Health Science Center.


Modeling HIV/AIDS transmission in Houston, TX with differential equations


Making optimal choices in the lunch line with linear programming


Modeling traffic flow during evacuation of Houston, TX


Modeling epilepsy via nonlinear graphs

10/28/2005 Rice Thresher article about our Envision Grant for WRAP

6/29/2006 Rice News Article about WRAP

WRAP Website

BCM Rice Entrepreneurship Club

The BCM Rice Entrepreneurship Club brings together graduate students from Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine interested in entrepreneurship. The primary activity of the club is the semi-monthly seminar series that brings leaders from Texas in consulting, entrepreneurship, private equity, patent law and technology transfer to our members.

Office of Technology Transfer at Rice University

I have been involved with Rice's OTT to help them with market analysis of intellectual property coming from the department of electrical engineering involving compressive sensing. I helped to identify specific applications of this technology and their potential markets in an effort to get this technology liscenced to start up venture.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Student Chapter at Rice

Acting as vice-president in 2007 and president in 2008, I helped organize seminars for students interested in careers in the mathematical sciences. I was able to obtain funding from Shell to organize and host the 2nd Annual Texas Student SIAM conference at Rice University in 2008.

Rice International Genetically Engineering Machine (IGEM)