This code uses the ADOL-C package for Automatic Differentiation by Overloading in C++ to generate C-code and tapes for evaluating selected components of a vector valued function specified by a C program. This code was modeled on ADOL-C's tapedoc function. We are working on the write-up associated with this code, we will improve the documenation and comments for this code soon.


This code solves the inverse field of values problem as proposed by Frank Uhlig. The code takes advantage of Johnson's algorithm for sketchting the boundary of the field of values as well as the fact that the inverse field of values problem is solvable for 2 by 2 matrices.


This code uses spectral methods and some graph theory concepts to determine the eigenvalues and eigenmodes for a general network of strings. The inspiration for this work is from paper by VonBelow. The code is set up to handle uniform strings but it could easily be modified to handle strings of different length. We also have a nonspectral version of the code. This code was created as part of VIGRE seminar on strings which is run by professors Steve Cox and Mark Embree. see connexions module


This is a modified version of LaPrint. I added an option for controlling both the width and the height of a printed figure. I use it for generating eps files for nearly all of my figures. I basic call would look like this: set(gcf,'units','centimeters');
set(gcf,'Position',[0 0 width height]);