Nodal Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: Algorithms, Analysis and Applications NodalDG.html

The Matlab functions and scripts accompanying this text are available for download here.

Book Matlab Codes

Click here to access NUDG++, a comprehensive C++ implementation of the Matlab book codes.

Lead developer: Nigel Nunn
[some C++ experience required]../Software/NUDG++.html

C++ & Python Relatives

of the Book Codes

Click here for the 
Jeom family of 
constrained Delaunay triangulation pure Java applets. 

Book  Related Java Demos

Click here for a pure Java demo of the discontinuous Galerkin time domain solver for Maxwell’s.Demo.html

Click to access the hedge project 
a “Hybrid and Easy Discontinuous Galerkin Environment”. It is written in Python and with core functionality provided by C++ implementations.

Lead developer: Andreas Kloeckner. 
[Python & C++ experience useful]

Click here to access MIDG, a basic but fully featured Discontinuous Galerkin implementation for Maxwell’s equations using multiple graphics processing units

Lead developer: Tim warburton
[some CUDA/MPI experience required]../RMMC/MIDG.html


Discontinuous Galerkin Solver