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Software Developed At CAAM, Rice University (Downloads Available On-Campus)

A tool for automatic differentiation of Fortran 77 programs. Website
A collection of Fortran 77 subroutines designed to solve large scale eigenvalue problems. Website
A Fortran 90 code for max-cut, Max-Bisection, and more. Website
A Matlab-based package for solving linear programs by interior-point methods. Website
MATLAB procedures for probability calculations
A suite of user-defined MATLAB functions and procedures has been developed by Dr. Paul Pfeiffer for basic probability calculations. Website
A library of both pure and mixed integer programming problems. Website
PSQR Open Source:
This collection of MATLAB scripts illustrate how to implement and carry out a numerically stable and computationally efficient QR decomposition of a penalized-spline (P-Spline) regression problem. This software package is based upon CAAM tech report TR09-15 and journal publication: Calderon, Martinez, Raymen, Carrol and Sorensen, "P-Splines Using Derivative Information," Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (2010) 8(4) 1562-1580. Zipped File
Trust-Region Interior-Point Algorithms for Optimal Control and Engineering. Website

Software Developed At Rice University (Downloads Available Off-Campus)

A Matlab-based filter pattern search code for mixed variable optimization with general nonlinear constraints. Website
A set of MATLAB codes for solving partial differential equations with discontinuous Galerkin methods. Website

Off-Campus Developed Software and Downloads

NEOS Server:
Resources for solving optimization problems. Website
A collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases. Website
A library of sample instances for the traveling salesman problem as well as some related problems. Website

Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics
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