Boris Brimkov

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Peer-reviewed journal and conference publications

J. Breen, B. Brimkov, J. Carlson, L. Hogben, K.E. Perry, C. Reinhart: Throttling for the game of Cops and Robbers on graphs. Discrete Mathematics 341(9): 2418-2430 (2018). [link]

D. Amos, J. Asplund, B. Brimkov, R. Davila: The sub-k-domination number of a graph with applications to k-domination. Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory (in press) (2017). [link]

B. Brimkov, I.V. Hicks: Complexity and computation of connected zero forcing. Discrete Applied Mathematics 229(1): 31-45 (2017). [link]

R.P. Barneva, K. Kanev, B. Kapralos, M. Jenkin, B. Brimkov: Integrating technology-enhanced collaborative surfaces and gamification for the next generation classroom. Journal of Educational Technology Systems 45(3): 309-325 (2017). [link]

B. Brimkov, J. Edmond, R. Lazar, B. Lidicky, K. Messerschmidt, S. Walker: Injective choosability of subcubic planar graphs with girth 6. Discrete Mathematics 340(10): 2538-2549 (2017). [link]

A. Abiad, B. Brimkov, A. Erey, L. Leshock, X. Martinez-Rivera, S. O, S.-Y. Song, J. Williford: On the Wiener index, distance cospectrality and transmission-regular graphs. Discrete Applied Mathematics 230: 1-10 (2017). [link]

B. Brimkov: On Sets of Line Segments Featuring a Cactus Structure. IWCIA 2017: 30-39. [link]

B. Brimkov: Emphasizing space efficiency in a computer science curriculum. Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 31(6): 55-57 (2016). [link]

B. Brimkov, I.V. Hicks: Chromatic and flow polynomials of generalized vertex join graphs and outerplanar graphs. Discrete Applied Mathematics 204: 13-21 (2015). [link]

B. Brimkov, I.V. Hicks: Memory efficient algorithms for cactus graphs and block graphs. Discrete Applied Mathematics 216(2): 393-407 (2015). [link]

B. Brimkov: Geometric approach to string analysis for biosequence classification. J. Integrative Bioinformatics 11(3) (2014). [link]

B. Brimkov, V.E. Brimkov: Geometric Approach to Biosequence Analysis. PACBB 2014: 97-104. [link]

B. Brimkov: Memory Efficient Shortest Path Algorithms for Cactus Graphs. ISVC 2013: 476-485. [link]

B. Brimkov, J.-H. Jung, J. Kotary, X. Liu, J. Zheng: A spectral and radial basis function hybrid method for visualizing vascular flows. CompIMAGE 2012: 205-208. [link]

V.E. Brimkov, R.P. Barneva, B. Brimkov: Connected distance-based rasterization of objects in arbitrary dimension. Graphical Models 73(6): 323-334 (2011). [link]

R. P. Barneva, B. Brimkov: How computer science develops mathematical skills. Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 26(6): 170-172 (2011). [link]

K. Kanev, N. Mirenkov, B. Brimkov, K. Dimitrov: Semantic Surfaces for Business Applications. S3T 2009: 36-43. [link]

V.E. Brimkov, R.P. Barneva, B. Brimkov: Minimal Offsets That Guarantee Maximal or Minimal Connectivity of Digital Curves in nD. DGCI 2009: 337-349. [link]

V.E. Brimkov, R.P. Barneva, B. Brimkov, F. de Vieilleville: Offset Approach to Defining 3D Digital Lines. ISVC 2008: 678-687. [link]

Submitted papers and technical reports

B. Brimkov, C.C. Fast, I.V. Hicks: Computational Approaches for Zero Forcing and Related Problems. arXiv:1704.02065 (2017). [link]

B. Brimkov, C.C. Fast, I.V. Hicks: Graphs with Extremal Connected Forcing Numbers. arXiv:1701.08500 (2017). [link]

B. Brimkov, R. Davila: Characterizations of the connected forcing number of a graph. arXiv:1604.00740 (2016). [link]

B. Brimkov: On the logspace shortest path problem. Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC) 23:3 (2016). [link]

B. Brimkov: A note on the clique number of complete k-partite graphs. arXiv:1507.01613 (2015). [link]

Ph.D. thesis

Boris Brimkov: Graph coloring, zero forcing, and related problems. Ph.D. Thesis, Rice University, May 2017. [link]

Master's thesis

Boris Brimkov: Efficient computation of graph polynomials. Master's Thesis, Rice University, May 2015. [link]