NEUR 415, Theoretical Neuroscience, Spring 2003

Grading Policy

  1. 12 weekly assignments.
    Each assignment is worth 5% of your grade.
    You may work together on the assignments but must submit individual papers.
    Assignments will be posted on Tuesday and due the following Tuesday.
    You may submit up to two assignments up to one class period late.
    Assignments will be comprised of NeuroLab reports, hand calculations and Matlab programming.
    Your NeuroLab reports should attempt to be self-contained. Grammar and style matter.
    Your Matlab programs must carry a descriptive header that includes the date, your name and the name and function of the program.
    Your Matlab plots must be clearly labeled.
  2. 2 exams, each covering 13 lectures.
    The exams will be pledged 3-hour, take-home, closed note/book/computer.
    Each exam is worth 20% of your grade.