CAAM 440 · Applied Matrix Analysis

Spring 2012 · Rice University


Lectures: Duncan Hall 1070, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 2.00-2.50pm
Instructor: Mark Embree (
Abercrombie 101/Duncan Hall 3019, (713) 348-6160
Office Hours: Wednesday 11am-12pm, Thursday 1pm-2:30pm (both in Abercrombie 101), or by appointment
Prerequisite: Undergraduate matrix theory (e.g., CAAM 335, MATH 354, or MATH 355)
Course Outline: outline.pdf
Grading: 50% standard problem sets, 50% pledged problem sets
Participation: Students are expected to enrich the classroom environment by asking questions and participating in discussions. Such engagement will be considered when assigning borderline grades, as will improving performance throughout the course of the semester.
Standard problem sets: A problem set will be assigned most weeks, due by 5pm on the specified date. These exercises will require proofs of general results and analysis of illustrative examples. Mathematically rigorous solutions are expected; strive for clarity and elegance. Some problems will require a modest amount of MATLAB programming.
You are encouraged to collaborate on these exercises, but your final write-up must be your own independent work. Transcribed solutions and copied code are unacceptable. You may not consult solutions from past offerings of this course.
Late policy: You may submit two standard problem sets one class period late with no penalty. Subsequent late assignments will be penalized 25%. No work will be accepted more than one class period late without prior arrangement or a written excuse.
Pledged problem sets: Three assignments will be designated as pledged problem sets.
These must be completed with only the aid of class notes and limited other specfied resources.
You may not use outside sources: other students, other books, the web, etc.
Pledged assignments may not be turned in late without prior arrangement or written excuse.
Recommended Texts: Meyer, Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra, SIAM, 2000.
Horn and Johnson, Matrix Analysis, Cambridge, 1985 (advanced).
Horn and Johnson, Topics in Matrix Analysis, Cambridge, 1991 (advanced).
These texts are available at the reseve desk at the Fondren Library. They are useful references that justify the investment. However, we will not follow either book slavishly; students can purchase these as their resources and interests permit.
Syllabus: pdf
Any student with a disability requiring accommodation in this course is encouraged
to contact the instructor during the first week of class, and also to contact
Disability Support Services in the Ley Student Center.