2003/04 BioMath PFUGs

A PFUG is a small group devoted to the study a single topic where students learn to conduct research in a mathematical science. The Foundations Course is met to provide a grounding in the relavant science and mathematics. In addition, students will develop expertise in the following indespensible areas: Bibliographic databases, (MathSciNet, MEDLINE, Web of Knowledge) Scientific databases, (NetLib, BRENDA) Speaking & Writing, (Cain project) html, (Owlnet) LaTeX (MikTeX) and Matlab (Mathworks)

Existing/Emerging PFUGs

  1. Regulation of Memory: The role of the CREB gene circuit in the regulation of long term memory. The role of the SNARE apparatus in the regulation of the release of neurotransmitter.
    Members: Zack Kilpatrick, Paul Smolen, Jane Hartsfield, Amanda Geck, Steve Cox.
    weekly log and (soon to be released) Software
    Meeting Time & Place: Th 1:30-2:30, DH 2014

  2. Regulation of Metabolism: Building predictive models that couple gene regulation to metabolism in E. Coli.
    Members: Jesse Turner, Blair Christian, Brad Peercy, Chris Omidiran, Steve Cox, Jay Raol, Eugene Kamarchik.
    Meeting Time & Place: M 2-3 BL 131.

  3. Phage Lambda: Detailed mathematical studies of the precise workings of this incredible virus.
    Members: Jay Raol, Eddie Castillo, Jordan Almes, Steve Cox.
    Meeting Time & Place: M 4-5 DH 2007.

  4. Reverse Engineering: Inferring network structure and kinetics from gene chip data.
    Members: Robert Mallery, Jordan Almes, Mark Embree.
    Meeting Time & Place: T 12-1 DH 2006.

  5. Statistical Genomics:
    Meeting Time & Place: T 5:30-6:30 DH 1075.