CAAM 499, Section 1, VIGRE Seminar, Fall 2005

Neuronal Networks of the Hippocampus

When & Where: Wednesday 5-6pm in KH 105

Recommended Text: Neuronal Networks of the Hippocampus, R.D. Traub and R. Miles

Prereqs: CAAM 415 or CoI.

August 31: Cox. Overview of Pinsky & Rinzel 2-compartment CA3 paper.
September 7: Cox. Intro to model with code
September 14: Toby Isaac. Section 3.1, Dissection of Burst Waveform
September 21: Jesse Chan, 3.1, Response to Steady Somatic Injection and Response to Steady Dendritic Input
September 28: GroupThink, Section 3.3, Network Behavior
October 5: Section 3.3, More Network Behavior, and Introduction to the network model of Meeter & Co. And a visit to
October 12: Neel will introduce integrate-and-fire cells and Cox will dig further into the Meeter work.
October 19: Frank will rewind us back to the start of the Meeter work.
October 26: Nan will carry on.
November 2: Nan & poster prep.
November 9: I recommend we jetison Macgregor cells and adopt the standard iaf cell . The associated code is iaf1.m and iaf2.m and iaf2net.m


  1. The active soma from the 1982 paper of Traub. In Matlab, traub1.m, or C, traub1.c
  2. A demo of graded synaptic connections in a simple 3 cell net. In Matlab, tricirc.m only.
  3. A shotgun wedding of Matlab and C


  1. Two C-packages: linear solver and better linear solver .
  2. Duke Southampton Archive of Neuronal Morphology
  3. Rice Baylor Archive of Neuronal Morphology
  4. Computational Neuroanatomy of the Hippocampus
  5. Hippo-switch Nature paper
  6. Knierim Lab at UTH.
  7. Levy Lab at UVa.
  8. Rice Terascale Cluster Home
  9. The Full Text of The Hippocampus as a Cognitive Map by O'keefe and Nadel.
  10. An LU GUI


  1. Andy Bost, CAAM
  2. Steve Cox, CAAM
  3. Sam Feng, CAAM
  4. Jane Hartsfield, CAAM
  5. Jon Martinez, BIOE
  6. Brad Peercy, CAAM
  7. Jeff Siaw, CAAM
  8. Nick Stepankiw, MATH
  9. Paul Smolen, UTH
  10. Nan Xiao, CAAM