Linear Algebra in Situ, S.J. Cox
MATLAB Code for Chapter Figures and Exercises

Chap. 1, Orientation
Chap. 2, Electrical Networks
Chap. 3, Mechanical Networks
Chap. 4, The Column and Null Spaces
Chap. 5, The Fundamental Theorem and Beyond
Chap. 6, Least Squares
Chap. 7, Metabolic Networks
Chap. 8, Dynamical Systems
Chap. 9, Complex Numbers, Functions and Derivatives
Chap. 10, Complex Integration
Chap. 11, The Eigenvalue Problem
Chap. 12, The Hermitian Eigenvalue Problem
Chap. 13, The Singular Value Decomposition
Chap. 14, Matrix Groups
Chap. 15, Group Representation Theory
Chap. 16, Graph Theory