STAT/CAAM 499, Section 3, VIGRE Seminar, Fall 2005

Stochastic Processes in Molecular Biology

When & Where: Tuesday 5-6 in HB 227

Text: Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry, N.G. van Kampen
Resources: Intro to Stochastic DE by L.C. Evans
Numerical Solution of SDE by D. Higham
Lectures on Theoretical Biology by K. Schulten and I. Kosztin
Fokker Planck Supplement
Prereqs: MATH 211, 212 and STAT 310

August 30: Overview and Preview. Dennis Cox


  1. Dennis Cox, STAT
  2. Steve Cox, CAAM
  3. Debbie Goldwasser, STAT
  4. Bob Hardt, MATH
  5. Pawel Paszek, STAT
  6. Karoline Pershell, MATH
  7. Jonathan Skowera, MATH, CogSci
  8. Jesse Turner, CAAM
  9. Yue Wu, MATH