David Mildebrath

Contact: dtm3 "at" rice.edu
I am a fourth year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University in Houston, TX, and a United States Department of Defense National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow. My research focus is Operations Research, the mathematical study of decision making. In particular, I am interested in
  1. Mixed integer convex programming
  2. Stochastic linear and integer programming
  3. Markov decision processes and dynamic programming
I am also interested in software for numerical optimization and improving pedagogy in optimization.
Rice University | Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics ( Exp. 2021 )
NDSEG Graduate Fellow
Advised by Dr. Andrew Schaefer

Rice University | M.A. in Applied Mathematics ( 2018 )
Thesis: Optimizing Waitlist Composition from the Transplant Center's Perspective
Advised by Dr. Andrew Schaefer

The University of Alabama | B.S. in Physics and Pure Mathematics ( 2016 )
Summa cum Laude, with Honors ( GPA 4.29/4.33 )
A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Computing the Strong Rainbow Connection Numbers of Odd Cacti [ arXiv ]
L. Smith, D. Mildebrath, I. Hicks

Relating Single-Scenario Facets to the Convex Hull of the Extensive Form of a Stochastic Single-Node Flow Polytope [ Optimization Online ]
D. Mildebrath, V. Gonzalez, A. Schaefer and M. Hemmati
Operations Research Letters (submitted 2019)

Optimizing Lung Transplantation Waitlist Composition from the Transplant Program's Perspective
D. Mildebrath, T. Lee, A. Schaefer and A. Gaber
Operations Research (submitted 2019)

Optimal Jersey Retirement in the National Basketball Association [ IISE Transactions ]
D. Mildebrath, W. Knight and A. Schaefer
IISE Transactions (to appear, 2019)

Computational Investigation of Half-Heusler Compounds for Spintronics Applications [ arXiv | APS ]
J. Ma, V.I. Hedge, K. Munira, Y. Xie, S. Keshavarez, D. Mildebrath, C. Wolverton, A.W. Ghosh and W.H. Butler
Phys. Rev. B (2017)

Ultraluminous X-Ray Bursts in Two Ultracompact Companions to Nearby Elliptical Galaxies [ arXiv | Nature ]
J.A. Irwin, W.P. Maksym, G.R. Sivakoff, A.J. Romanowsky, D. Lin, T. Speegle, I. Prado, D. Mildebrath, J. Strader, J. Liu and J.M. Miller
Nature (2016)
Awards and Honors
INFORMS Bonder Scholar
Applied Operations Research in Health Services2019
US Department of Defense NDSEG Fellow 2017
US National Science Foundation NSF-GRFP Winner 2017
Univ. Alabama Distinguished Scholar Award 2016
Univ. Alabama Department of Physics Outstanding Senior 2016
National Merit Scholar Finalist 2012
Technical Skills
General Programming Languages (Ordered by experience)
Python | Java | C++ | C | Bash
Mathematical Software
Matlab | Julia | Mathematica | Gurobi
Other Tools
Linux | LaTeX | HTML/CSS | Microsoft Office