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Office: Duncan Hall 2007
Phone: (713) 348-5665
Address: Computational and Applied Mathematics
                6100 Main Street
                M.S. 134
                Houston, Texas  77005
Email:  adrianna.gillman (at)
Office hours:  M 1:30-2:30pm or by appointment

Research Interests

Generally speaking, I am interested in scientific computing, numerical methods for linear PDEs, and numerical linear algebra. My recent work has focused on the following areas:

• “Fast” algorithms such as the Fast Multipole Method and fast direct solvers.
• Integral equation formulations for the mathematical modeling of physics and other real world applications.
• Wave scattering, acoustics, variable media.
• Techniques for handling challenging geometries such as corners, edges, and periodic domains.


"An adaptive high order direct solution technique for elliptic boundary value problems" has been accepted to SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing.
Peter Geldermans passed his PhD Thesis Proposal on October 4.
Yabin Zhang has received a SIAM Student Travel Award to attend the SIAM CSE Conference in Spokane, WA, February 2019.
Natalie Beams has received an early career travel award to attend the SIAM CSE Conference in Spokane, WA, February 2019.
• Adrianna Gillman recieves the Young Faculty Research Award from the George R. Brown School of Engineering.
• Adrianna Gillman is a co-organizer of the 2018 Chinese-American Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium to take place in Nanjing China, October 2018.