Senior Design project: Wi-fly

  •   whyfly

  • Team: Alexander Balkum,  Shurui Chen,  Fortino Garcia,  Sarah Schwettmann
    Title:  Faster and More Accurate App for Optimal Router Placement   
    Abstract: The team created Wi-Fly: a fast and accurate app for optimal selection of Wi-Fi router location. On a mobile platform, users can input their home or office floor plan into the app, and select a potential router location. The application calculates and superimposes the solution to the Helmholtz equation on the geometry, allowing users to visualize the wi-fi coverage of their space. In this manner, users can select the router location that meets their coverage needs before physically moving the router. By using Boundary Integral Equation methods to solve the wave propagation problem,  the application that is accurate and more user-friendly than others on the market.

      Andriod Download

      Directions for use: 
      Step 1:  In one motion, draw your floor plan on screen.
      Step 2:  If geometry is displayed on screen, press the check mark on the top of screen. 
      Step 3:  Place your wifi router anywhere in the enclosed region and a few seconds later the (scattered field) coverage will appear.
      Step 4:  Change placement of the router by pressing another location on the screen.  To change the geometry, press on the trash can and start at step 1.

      It is possible to run this application on a regular computer by installing the Andriod Emulator.