Paul E. Hand


Paul Hand
Assistant Professor
Computational and Applied Mathematics
Rice University

6100 Main Street
CAAM Dept. MS-134
Houston, TX 77005


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Research Interests

I'm an applied mathematician interested in signal recovery problems. My current research focus is to develop new and faster ways of recovering signals in a variety of noisy contexts. I'm particularly interested in finding and simplifying convex programs that have provable recovery guarantees.

My Ph.D. research was in the derivation and simulation of macroscale partial differential equations that govern the electrical behavior of cardiac muscle cells.

I am also interested in math instruction with a focus on how students learn the mathematical problem solving process. My recent hobby has been to write the website Leading Lesson that makes the problem solving process explicit for over a hundred multivariable calculus problems.

Select Publications

Deep Compressed Sensing

Blind Deconvolution and Bilinear Recovery

Phase Retrieval

Machine Vision

Cardiac Electrophysiology

Current Grant Support

My work is partially supported by National Science Foundation grant DMS-1464525.

Public Outreach

In Summer 2017, I was the director of curriculum and instruction for communication intensive STEM summer camps at Rice University for over 300 8th-12th graders, teachers, and school administrators. Here is a video from the week of camp that was focused on high school students in the top of their class. These summer camps were written up in an article by National Science Teachers Association Reports.

Here is a talk I gave to high school students about the intersection of signal recovery theory, information theory, and compression:

Here is a website I developed that contains over 100 worked examples in multivariable calculus: