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Parking Information:

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Campus Map

Shuttle Service:

There will be shuttle buses every morning and evening for an hour a piece between Rice and Hotel ZaZa and between Rice and the Hilton. [ Shuttle Bus Schedule ]

Parking Facilities & Rates:

The closest weekday visitor parking to Duncan Hall is Founder's Court (highlighted in blue in the above map). Lovett North Saddlebag Lot is ONLY available after 5PM or all day during the weekends.

Greenbriar Lot $1 per entry per day
West Lot 1 (Alice Pratt Brown) $1 per 20 min, $11 daily maximum
Central Campus Garage
BRC Garage
Founder's Court Lot
North Lot ( nights and weekends )
North Annex Lot
Lovett North Saddlebag Lot ( nights and weekends )
$1 per 12 minutes, $11 daily maximum

By Credit Card (All Surface Lots):

Machines at the entrance gates will instruct the driver to insert a credit card (American Express, VISA, MasterCard or Discover). When the gate opens and the vehicle enters, the computer's "parking meter" begins. Upon leaving, the visitor drives to the exit gate and inserts the same credit card. It is very important to use the same credit card used at entry while exiting, otherwise the computer will not recognize the card. The gate will open within a few seconds, at which time the meter stops. The computer calculates the time, checks for fee approval and automatically bills the credit card. IMPORTANT - if you are issued a validation, please insert it FIRST into the machine, it will keep the validation. Then, insert the credit card used at the entry and the gate will open.


There is a METRORail stop across the street from the main entrance of the Rice campus. The rail line travels up and down Main Street, serving downtown, the Texas Medical Center and Reliant Park.