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update_maxwell Module Reference

Public Member Functions

subroutine, public maxwell_decouple (comm_one_d, H_mesh, pmag_mesh, phi_mesh, interface_H_phi, interface_H_mu, Hn, Bn, phin, Hn1, Bn1, phin1, vel, stab_in, sigma_in, R_fourier, index_fourier, mu_H_field, mu_phi, time, dt, Rem, list_mode, H_phi_per, LA_H, LA_pmag, LA_phi, LA_mhd, sigma_ns, jj_v_to_H)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1 of file sub_maxwell.f90.

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine, public update_maxwell::maxwell_decouple ( pointer  comm_one_d,
type(mesh_type), intent(in)  H_mesh,
type(mesh_type), intent(in)  pmag_mesh,
type(mesh_type), intent(in)  phi_mesh,
type(interface_type), intent(in)  interface_H_phi,
type(interface_type), intent(in)  interface_H_mu,
real(kind=8), dimension(h_mesh%np,6,size(list_mode)), intent(inout)  Hn,
real(kind=8), dimension(h_mesh%np,6,size(list_mode)), intent(inout)  Bn,
real(kind=8), dimension(:,:,:), intent(inout)  phin,
real(kind=8), dimension(h_mesh%np,6,size(list_mode)), intent(inout)  Hn1,
real(kind=8), dimension(h_mesh%np,6,size(list_mode)), intent(inout)  Bn1,
real(kind=8), dimension(:,:,:), intent(inout)  phin1,
real(kind=8), dimension(:,:,:), intent(inout)  vel,
real(kind=8), dimension(3), intent(in)  stab_in,
real(kind=8), dimension(:), intent(in)  sigma_in,
real(kind=8), intent(in)  R_fourier,
integer, intent(in)  index_fourier,
real(kind=8), dimension(:), intent(in)  mu_H_field,
real(kind=8), intent(in)  mu_phi,
real(kind=8), intent(in)  time,
real(kind=8), intent(in)  dt,
real(kind=8), intent(in)  Rem,
integer, dimension(:), intent(in)  list_mode,
type(periodic_type), intent(in)  H_phi_per,
type(petsc_csr_la)  LA_H,
type(petsc_csr_la)  LA_pmag,
type(petsc_csr_la)  LA_phi,
type(petsc_csr_la)  LA_mhd,
real(kind=8), dimension(:,:,:), intent(in)  sigma_ns,
integer, dimension(:), intent(in)  jj_v_to_H 

Definition at line 7 of file sub_maxwell.f90.

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