SFEMaNS  version 4.1 (work in progress)
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Computations with SFEMaNS

To generate an executable of the code SFEMaNS and use it to do computations, you need the following files:

  1. make.inc that defines environment variables (path to PETSc, FFTW, ARPACK) and compilation options.
  2. my_make that allows to generate a file called makefile. It contains the tree of the code (which module need which modules, etc.).
  3. main.f90 that is used to set the desired outputs with the subroutine my_post_processing.
  4. condlim.f90 that is used to set the initial conditions, boundary conditions and source term of the problem considered.
  5. read_user_data.f90 that is used to add new variables in the code. For instance, such variable can be used in condlim.f90 to change the amplitude of a forcing term.
  6. data that gives various informations on the problem considered.

Templates of each of the above files are available in the following directory: $SFEMaNS_DIR/TEMPLATE.

We refer to this section for more details on how to edit the file make.inc.

This section describes the fortran files and the data file needed to do computations with SFEMaNS. It is splitted into the following subsections.

Notations in SFEMaNS Description of the notations used in the code SFEMaNS.
Data file Description of the data file.
Fortran file read_user_data.f90 Description of the file read_user_data.f90. It generates a derived data type called, denoted user, so one can add new variables in the code.
Fortran file condlim.f90 Description of the file condlim.f90. It is used to set the initial conditions, boundary conditions and the forcing terms of the equations considered.
Fortran file main.f90 Description of the file main.f90. We focus on the subroutine my_post_processing which computes the desired outputs (divergence, energy, 2D and 3D plots, etc.).