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dir_nodes Member List

This is the complete list of members for dir_nodes, including all inherited members.

dir_nodes_gen(js, sides, Dir, j_D)dir_nodes
dir_nodes_sides_gen(js, sides, Dir, j_D, s_D)dir_nodes
dir_nodes_size(js, sides, Dir, j_D_size)dir_nodes
dirichlet_bloc_m(js_D, ia, ja, a0)dir_nodes
dirichlet_m(js, ia, ja, a0)dir_nodes
dirichlet_nodes(jjs_in, sides_in, dir_in, js_d)dir_nodes
dirichlet_nodes_bloc(jjs_in, sides_in, dir_in, nb_bloc, bloc_size, js_d)dir_nodes
dirichlet_nodes_sides(jjs_in, sides_in, dir_in, js_d, sides_D)dir_nodes
dirichlet_rescale_m(js, ia, ja, alpha, a0)dir_nodes
precond_mat(ia, aa, vect)dir_nodes