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st_matrix Member List

This is the complete list of members for st_matrix, including all inherited members.

block_index(communicator, kmax, mesh, loc_to_glob_LA)st_matrix
create_my_ghost(mesh, LA, ifrom)st_matrix
extract(xghost, ks, ke, LA, phi)st_matrix
st_aij_csr(jj, aij)st_matrix
st_aij_csr_glob_block(communicator, kmax, mesh_glob, mesh, LA, opt_per)st_matrix
st_aij_csr_loc_block(communicator, kmax, mesh, LA)st_matrix
st_csr(jj, ia, ja)st_matrix
st_csr_bloc(ia, ja, ia_b, ja_b, n_b)st_matrix
st_csr_block(n_b, in, out)st_matrix
tri_jlg(a, a_d, n_a_d)st_matrix