Oscar F. Leong

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Oscar Leong
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Computational and Applied Mathematics
Rice University


Research Interests

I am a third year PhD student at Rice University in Computational and Applied Mathematics and a Visiting Scholar at Northeastern University under the supervision of Dr. Paul Hand. I am interested in solving signal recovery problems with approaches inspired by deep learning. My most recent work explores the use of generative models as natural image priors in the compressive phase retrieval problem.



Rice University

Richard Tapia Center for Excellence and Equity

Swarthmore College

South Central Scholars (SCS)


Here is a video of my oral presentation at NeurIPS 2018 on our Deep Phase Retrieval paper along with a link to 3 minute summary:

Here is my presentation for the Senior Showcase at Swarthmore discussing Helly's Theorem and its generalization to the union of convex sets: