Rice University, L1-Related Optimization Project

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Papers and Reports


  • W. Yin, S. Morgan, J. Yang, and Y. Zhang. Practical Compressive Sensing with Toeplitz and Circulant Matrices, [CAAM TR10-01].

  • W. Guo and W. Yin EdgeCS: Edge Guided Compressive Sensing Reconstruction, [CAAM TR10-02].

  • Y. Zhang. An Alternating Direction Algorithm for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization, [CAAM TR10-03].


  • Z. Wen, W. Yin, D. Goldfarb, and Y. Zhang. A Fast Algorithm For Sparse Reconstruction Based On Shrinkage Subspace Optimization And Continuation, [CAAM TR09-01].

  • W. Yin. Analysis and Generalizations of the Linearized Bregman Method [CAAM TR09-02].

  • Y. Zhang. User's Guide For YALL1: Your Algorithms for L1 Optimization [CAAM TR09-17].

  • Y. Zhang. User's Guide for LMaFit: Low-rank Matrix Fitting, [CAAM TR09-28].

  • Y. Wang and W. Yin. Compressed Sensing via Iterative Support Detection, [CAAM TR09-30].

  • Q. Li, W. Yin, and Z. Deng. Image-Based Face Illumination Transferring Using Logarithmic Total Variation Models, [CAAM TR09-34].

  • S. Morgan, W. Yin, and K. Vixie. A Matlab Implementation of a Flat Norm Motivated Polygonal Edge Matching Method using a Decomposition of Boundary into Four 1-Dimensional Currents, [CAAM TR09-35].

  • J. Yang and Y. Zhang. Alternating Direction Algorithms for L1-Problems in Compressive Sensing, [CAAM TR09-37].

  • J. Meng, W. Yin, H. Li, E. Houssian, and Z. Han. Collaborative Spectrum Sensing from Sparse Observations Using Matrix Completion, [CAAM TR09-39].

  • L. Qu and W. Yin. Copula Density Estimation by Total Variation Penalized Likelihood with Linear Equality Constraints, [CAAM TR09-40].

  • J. Meng, W. Yin, H. Li, E. Houssian, and Z. Han. Collaborative Spectrum Sensing from Sparse Observations for Cognitive Radio Networks, [CAAM TR09-41].

  • Z. Wen, D. Goldfarb, and W. Yin. Alternating Direction Augmented Lagrangian Methods for Semidefinite Programming, [CAAM TR09-42].


  • R. Chartrand and W. Yin. Iterative Reweighted Algorithms for Compressive Sensing [CAAM TR08-01].

  • D. Goldfarb, Z. Wen, and W. Yin. A Curvilinear Search Method for p-Harmonic Flows on Spheres [CAAM TR08-02].

  • S. Osher, Y. Mao, B. Dong, and W. Yin. Fast Linearized Bregman Iteration for Compressive Sensing and Sparse Denoising [CAAM TR08-07].

  • J. Shi, W. Yin, S. Osher, and P. Sajda. A Fast Algorithm for Large Scale l1-Regularized Logistic Regression [CAAM TR08-08].

  • J. Yang, W. Yin, Y. Zhang, and Y. Wang. A Fast Algorithm for Edge-Preserving Variational Multichannel Image Restoration [CAAM TR08-09].

  • Y. Zhang. On Theory of Compressive Sensing via L_1-Minimization: Simple Derivations and Extensions [CAAM TR08-11].

  • J. Yang, Y. Zhang, and W. Yin. An Efficient TVL1 Algorithm for Deblurring Multichannel Images Corrupted by Impulsive Noise [CAAM TR08-12].

  • S. Ma, W. Yin, Y. Zhang, and A. Chakraborty. An Efficient Algorithm for Compressed MR Imaging using Total Variation and Wavelets [CAAM TR08-16].

  • E. T. Hale, W. Yin, and Y. Zhang. A Numerical Study of Fixed-Point Continuation Applied to Compressed Sensing [CAAM TR08-24].

  • J. Yang, Y. Zhang, and W. Yin. A Fast TVL1-L2 Minimization Algorithm for Signal Reconstruction from Partial Fourier Data [CAAM TR08-27].


  • W. Yin, D. Goldfarb, and S. Osher. A Comparison of Three Total Variation Based Texture Extraction Models, [CAAM TR07-01].

  • E. Hale, W. Yin, and Y. Zhang. Fixed-Point Continuation for l1-Minimization: Methodology and Convergence, submitted. [pdf]. Full tech. report [CAAM TR07-07]

  • D. Goldfarb and W. Yin. Parametric Maximum Flow Algorithms for Fast Total Variation Minimization, submitted. [CAAM TR07-09]. [download the code]

  • Y. Wang, W. Yin, and Y. Zhang. A Fast Algorithm for Image Deblurring with Total Variation Regularization, submitted. [CAAM TR07-10]

  • W. Yin, S. Osher, J. Darbon, and D. Goldfarb. Bregman Iterative Algorithms for Compressed Sensing and Related Problems. [CAAM TR07-13]