Rice University, L1-Related Optimization Project

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Software List

  • YALL1-Group -- a MATLAB package for various group/joint sparse recovery problems. [link]
  • YALL1 -- a MATLAB package for various L1-minimization problems, using a dual alternating direction method.[link]
  • RecPC -- 1D/2D Practical Compressive Sensing with Toeplitz and Circulant Matrices, [link]
  • Gurobi Mex -- A MATLAB interface for the LP/MIP solver Gurobi, [link]
  • ISD -- Iterative Support Detection for Compressive Sensing, which gives better solutions than L1-minimization [link]
  • TVAL3 -- General TV minimization by Augmented Lagrangian and ALternating direction ALgorithms [link]
  • RecPF -- RecPF: Compressive Sensing Reconstruction from Partial Fourier data [link]
  • FTVd -- Color and gray-scale image deblurring/denoising package [link]
  • PGC --- a MATLAB graph-cut solver written in C [link]
  • FPC -- L1-miminization using iterative shrinkage and continuation [link]
  • FPC_AS -- an active-set acceleration of FPC [link]
  • Bregman Iterative Algorithm built on FPC [link]