The unifying design theme for "Heavy Metal" is the oval, seen in the graphics on the side of the car, in the shape of the sign carrying the credits, and the shape of the guitar stand.


A variation of this geometric element, the ribbed oval design, is common to the seat insets, the steering wheel spokes, and the wheel spokes.
The side graphics begin with stripes that encase an oval, which in turn encases the letters "SS". This design has become the car's logo (see below), and can also be found on the neck of the guitar, on the frame of the TV monitor in the trunk, and on the crew's t-shirts.
Added to these and appearing to dramatic effect is a third design element — the airbrushed head of a monster modeled on Iron Maiden's Eddie and symbolizing the Chevelle's link to Heavy Metal music. The monster reprises the trailing flame motif and is depicted on the guitar back, the underside of the hood, and the license plates.

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