The body paint is PPG concept base/clear system black, meticulously color sanded and polished, complemented by PPG Candy Tangerine graphics. The engine compartment, door jambs, undercarriage, wheel wells, engine compartment, underside of hood and deck lid are painted to the same standard as the exterior paint.

On the hood the graphics begin as a typical set of Chevelle SS stripes that evolve into a burst of flames. Similar flame patterns have been carried over to the underside of the front cross-member, to the underside of the smooth stainless-steel fuel tank and to the side graphics. Billet aluminum panels painted Candy Tangerine are inserted in the interior of the car at strategic points to break up the dominance of the black leather.  The car has been completely assembled with polished stainless steel fasteners.

A Slick Paint Trick

In the first rebuild, the candy graphics were painted over the black paint. As a consequence, an abnormal amount of clear was required to hide the transition ridge between the candy and the black. In doing the current paint job, we discovered a little known technique of painting the entire area that encases the graphic design candy, forming the graphic pattern with masking tape, and then painting the general area black, making the transition ridge virtually nonexistent.



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