Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis Seminar

Schedule for Spring 2009

The seminar is part of the VIGRE PFUGS. If you want to obtain course credit, you can register for CAAM 699 Section 6.
We meet every Wednesday from 1pm to 2pm in DH 1044 (unless specified otherwise in the detailed schedule).

Participants: Aycil Cesmelioglu, Drew Kouri, Prince Chidyagwai, Ricardo Gallardo, Kun Liu, Beatrice Riviere, William Symes, Igor Terentyev, Toni Tullius, Tetyana Vdovina, Xin Wang, Tim Warburton

01/14     Organizational Meeting
01/21 Igor Terentyev    Use of NVIDIA video cards for scientific computing
01/28 Tim Warburton    Solving elliptic problems by the discontinuous Galerkin methods ROOM DH3110
02/04 Beatrice Riviere    Mathematical model of cell migration ROOM DH3110
02/11 Beatrice Riviere    Introduction to interior penalty methods
02/18 Tim Warburton    On the choice of basis functions for high order DG methods
02/25 Beatrice Riviere    DG method for transport equation with degenerate diffusivity coefficient
03/11 Klaus Wiegand    Applied Mathematics and Engineering in the Industry Work Experiences from a "Late Developer"
03/25 William Symes    Basic convergence theory for numerical solution of hyperbolic systems
04/01 William Symes    Mass-lumped conforming FEM for the 2nd order wave equation
04/08 Tim Warburton    Discontinuous Galerkin methods for electromagnetics
04/17 9am-10am Yoram Vodovotz    Measuring and modeling inflammation in mice and men ROOM DH2014

Schedule for Fall 2008

Participants: Aycil Cesmelioglu, Drew Kouri, Matthias Heinkenschloss, Prince Chidyagwai, Ricardo Gallardo, Beatrice Riviere, Tim Warburton, Toni Tullius, Xin Wang

09/19 Beatrice Riviere     Introduction to Porous Media Flow
09/26 Vivette Girault    Questions and Answers with Dr. Girault. Lunch will be provided.
10/10 Andreas Kloeckner    High-Order Unstructured Particle-in-Cell Simulation
10/17 Nico Godel    Numerical Electromagnetic Field Simulations in Engineering Processes
10/24 Tim Warburton    Introduction To Discontinuous Galerkin Method
11/07 Guido Kanschat    On The Software Dealii
11/21 Beatrice Riviere    Introduction To Finite Element Method

Current seminar

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