• UH_CSE_2011
    Applications of DEIM in Nonlinear Model Reduction

    University of Houston CSE Seminar April 2011 (Minisymposia)
    Related Tech Reports: TR09-05.pdf, TR09-25.pdf, TR10-32.pdf

  • Lexington.pdf
    Efficient Numerical Methods for Least-Norm Regularization

    University of Kentucky AMS Meeting Lexington, KY
    March 2010

    Related Tech Report: TR10-08.pdf

  • SIAM_ALA_09
    Discrete Empirical Interpolation for Nonlinear Model Reduction

    SIAM Applied Linear Algebra Oct 26-29, 2009 (Minisymposia)
    Related Tech Reports: TR09-05.pdf, TR09-12.pdf, TR09-25.pdf

  • SIAM_CSE09
    Discrete Empirical Interpolation for Nonlinear Model Reduction

    Miami, FL SIAM CSE09 (Minisymposia)
    March 2009

    Related Tech Reports: TR09-05.pdf, TR09-12.pdf

  • MTNS08
    New Directions in the Application of Model Order Reduction

    Blacksburg, VA MTNS 08 (plenary)
    July 31, 2008

  • LargeLyapunovEqns.pdf
    Solving Large Scale Lyapunov Equations

    Penn State IWASEP 6
    May 22, 2006

  • Symm_SVD.pdf
    Principal Component Analysis and Model Reduction for Dynamical Systems

    Virginia Tech: Math. Department Colloquium
    November 12, 2004

  • SantaFe.ps
    Overview of Grammian Based Model Reduction

    Second Sandia Workshop on PDE-constrained Optimization:The Bishop's Lodge, Santa Fe, NM

  • Restart_convergence.ps
    Convergence of Polynomial Restart Krylov Methods for Eigenvalue Problems

    BIRS Workshop: Theory and Numerics of Matrix Eigenvalue Problems - Banff, Alberta, Canada
    Nov 23-27, 2003
  • PassiveReduction.ps
    Passivity Preserving Model Reduction

    Oberwolfach Mini-Workshop: Dimensional Reduction of Large-Scale Systems - Oberwolfach, Germany
    October 19-25, 2003