Physics of Strings

CAAM 499 · VIGRE Seminar

Reading List and Meeting Notes

29 Nov 2005 Lyapunov equations; plans for next semester
22 Nov 2005 Viscous damping and optimal energy
15 Nov 2005 Viscous damping and optimal energy
8 Nov 2005 Viscous damping and optimal energy
1 Nov 2005 Measuring damping from string data; experiment
25 Oct 2005 Harmonics with optimal touch
18 Oct 2005 Eigenvalues of wave operators
11 Oct 2005 Eigenvalues of wave operators; wave experiment
- Spider webs = networks of vibrating strings
4 Oct 2005 Separation of variables for the wave equation
Computing eigenvalues with spectral methods
- cheb01.m (from Trefethen's cheb.m)
- makeAconst.m
27 Sep 2005 Spectral methods for differential equations
Lloyd N. Trefethen, Spectral Methods in MATLAB, SIAM, Philadelphia, 2000
20 Sep 2005 Finite difference solution of differential equations
13 Sep 2005 Strings in equilibrium and their perturbation
Reading: Antman: Section II.8.
6 Sep 2005 Constituitive law; existence of straight equilibrium state
Reading: Antman: end of Section II.2, Section II.6
30 Aug 2005 Rigorous mathematical models of elastic strings
Reading: Sections II.1, II.2 of Stuart S. Antman, Nonlinear Problems of Elasticity, Springer, New York, 1995.
23 Aug 2005 VIGRE Information Fair