CAAM 420: How to turn in homework

  1. Most homeworks (and projects) will have multiple parts, and are best stored in assignment directories. Homework number n should occupy a directory named "hw_n", "n" being the number of the assignment (for example "hw_6"), immediately under your repository root directory; for example, if I were doing hw 5, I would have created

    CAAM420_symes/hw_5 This directory should contain all source and other files necessary to build your solution - i.e. it must be a complete solution, save for system files that you did not write or drag in from the net. The directory must contain the following two files:

    1. README, which gives your name, your email address, the names and email addresses of the other students in your homework group, and all information necessary to build and interpret your solution of the homework. Also put in README any other information you want the grader to consider in grading your homework.
    2. Makefile - containing macro definitions, rules, and commands for making your solution. [NB: this requirement does not apply to homeworks 1 and 2 - it applies only to homework assignments 3 and subsequent, after make has been introduced in class]. Your makefile should conform to whatever structure and standards have been most recently introduced in class - the sophistication of our makefiles will evolve as the semester proceeds! The default target should make the entire assignment's results (these will typically be output files of some type, depending on executable program files or other data input). Absent other instructions, you should also write targets to execute each program and/or create each major subresult (eg. solution of one of several problems). I don't care what you call these intermediate targets, so long as the README explains all.

      The homework assignment may ask explicitly for a different set of targets or target names. If so, follow the directions in the assignment: the graders will expect to find the structure and syntax demanded in the assignment, and will take points off (not to mention get surly) if they don't find agreement.

  2. On or before the due data, upload the directory containing your solution to your repository, which should have the name (your NetID)_caam420. It is a good idea to import the directory as soon as you've started working on it, and commit frequently right up to the assignment date. We will check the time stamps on the assignment directory and will not accept one committed after 1700 (5 PM) on the due date.

Note that a few homeworks are simple enough that a few files should be uploaded directly to the repo, rather than a directory - for example, the first few homeworks have this character. Just follow the directions on the assignment sheet!!!