SFEMaNS  version 4.1 (work in progress)
Reference documentation for SFEMaNS
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Notations in SFEMaNS

General notations

Declaration of scalars and vectors

Fourier modes and nodes associated to one processor.

np = number of nodes per processors. list_mode = list of the Fourier modes that the processors is dealing with.

Declaration of scalar and vector.

dimension scalar = (np, 2, SIZE(list_mode)) dimension vector = (np, 6, SIZE(list_mode))

Communication between processors

Communication between processors.

comm_one_d_ns comm_one_d_temp comm_one_d

The derived data type mesh


me np jj rr hloc

mes nps jjs

Gauss: n_w l_G hloc_gauss ww dw rj