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abstract_interface::sub_penal_in_real_space Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

real(kind=8) function,
dimension(nb_angles, ne-nb+1) 
sub_penal_in_real_space (mesh, rr_gauss, angles, nb_angles, nb, ne, time)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 101 of file abstract_interface.f90.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

real(kind=8) function, dimension(nb_angles,ne-nb+1) abstract_interface::sub_penal_in_real_space::sub_penal_in_real_space ( type(mesh_type)  mesh,
real(kind=8), dimension(:,:), intent(in)  rr_gauss,
real(kind=8), dimension(:), intent(in)  angles,
integer, intent(in)  nb_angles,
integer, intent(in)  nb,
integer, intent(in)  ne,
real(kind=8), intent(in)  time 

Definition at line 101 of file abstract_interface.f90.

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